When Heath Bish traveled to Atlanta Pride two years ago, he returned to Nashville with a new business venture that would welcome Nashville's gay men for the first time - Temptations Parties.

These popular in-home shopping parties offer more than plastic bowls or make-up. Previously limited to female-only hosts and participants, Temptations Parties offer tools for sexual enhancement are now allowing males to join their teams as consultants, opening up many new options and targeting a more diverse clientele.

“There is a huge demand for this type of party in the gay community of Nashville, as party consultants and participants have traditionally been limited to females,” Bish said. 

During a Temptations Party, a party host gathers a group of around 10 people together in his home where Bish displays a variety of sex toys and products for sale and G-rated demonstration.

Party attendees are allowed to pass around the products while Bish provides details about each one. The parties are meant to encourage participants to explore their sexuality and enhance romance in their relationships while in a comfortable and confidential setting, Bish said.

People who aren’t comfortable visiting adult bookstores or novelty shops now have the option to learn about their sexuality and examine various products from the comfort of their own home. Guests are encouraged to ask questions and examine the products.

Following the interactive presentation, guests may place their order in a private setting, also allowing time to discuss questions with the consultant.

By allowing male consultants, Temptations has become one of the first companies to serve the needs of the gay community, a demographic which Bish expects to have a high demand.

“I was looking for an outlet for these sorts of parties, and when I was introduced to Temptations in Atlanta, I knew this was a great opportunity for me and for the gay community of Nashville.”

For more information on booking a party or becoming a consultant can contact Bish at cheathb@gmail.com.

Heath’s Temptations can also be found at temptationsparties.com/6684

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