OAK RIDGE – A student worker has been dismissed from sending hate emails to a Web site based in Great Britian.

Lee Tomlinson, who operates GAYHATE.com, contacted Out & About Newspaper for help in dealing with Brad DeMarcus of Anderson County . DeMarcus allegedly sent hate messages to Tomlinson’s site, an online resource that offers help to anyone affected by “homophobia, gay hate crimes, or queer bashing.”

Demarcus, a student worker at Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), sent the posting via his email address from ORAU.

ORAU Corporate Director of Human Resouces Daniel W. Standley said that DeMarcus’ position as temporary Vocational Office Education (VOE) student worker has been terminated.

ORAU is a “university consortium leveraging the scientific strength of 91 major research institutions to advance science and education by partnering with national laboratories, government agencies and private industry. ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education for the U.S. Department of Energy.”

“We…could not find any indication that Bradley conducted any of the activity in question on company time or by using company computing resources.  Nevertheless, please be advised that his attitude and conduct is not consistent with anything ORAU desires to have any association with,” Standley stated.

Tomlinson also received email from an America Online (AOL) address used by DeMarcus. Despite a sluggish initial response from AOL, he has received telephone communication from the office of Karen Thompson, AOL’s United Kingdom (UK) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman indicating that they are taking action against the AOL account used by DeMarcus. DeMarcus’ personal AOL page remains online with previously posted racist remarks removed.

After consultation with Knoxville Police Department Detective Brian Malone, the case was referred to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. No plans for prosecution or other action were planned at press time.

Tomlinson’s Web site can be found at www.gayhate.com and includes a page on DeMarcus. The GAYHATE Web site is packed with information on dealing with homophobic hate and is particularly helpful for persons in the UK . It is a “must read” for GLBT visitors anticipating a trip to London.

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