The SMRA Newsletter is edited by Thomas Schlueter-White and the Membership Committee

Election of Officers
Officers for 2007 Elected by General Membership

At its monthly meeting on December 2, 2006, SMRA's general membership voted to elect the following executive officers to serve throughout 2007:

President - Grigsby White
Vice President - Jack Marshall
Treasurer -Bill Tedder
Secretary -Terry Sharp

Congratulations to the newly-elected Executive Board who will be planning a new and exciting year. We are a strong and growing organization in our community.

As committee chair, let me give special thanks to Tom S-W, Tam K., and Gary J. for their help with the committee through elections. Let me assure all members that the integrity of the elections process was our utmost concern. There was a wonderful amount of participation from the membership in the voting process, for which we are all grateful!

Terry Sharp -Elections Chair

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