Who Is “Mr. Bud Light Nashville”?

Mr. Bud Light Nashville 2008 will be a goodwill ambassador representing Smoky Mountain Rodeo Association and Bud Light at a variety of local events throughout the year.  He will reign from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008.  In addition to “bragging rights” and other prizes, the winner receives a cash prize of one thousand dollars!

Smoky Mountain Rodeo Association and its charity partners, in cooperation with Bud Light, proudly present the Mr. Bud Light Nashville 2008 competition!  Through a series of preliminary competitions at which a representative is selected from each participating establishment, and a final competition at the end of the series, the field is narrowed down to the man that will become Mr. Bud Light Nashville 2008. 

The Competition

Contestants compete in four categories to earn the most points from a distinguished panel of judges.

Creativity:  How can you use your talents to promote Bud Light? Are you a master tailor and can create a garment with Bud Light bottle caps, bottles, boxes, etc.? Can you incorporate different Bud Light storage containers in your piece? (kegs, bottles, cans, etc). Can you turn a top 40 song into a number 1 Bud Light jingle?

Fantasy Western Wear:   Everyone knows cowboys are sexy. Take a look in the mirror and envision how you can be a sexy cowboy.  Do you just need a pair or cowboy boots, a cowboy hat  and a pair of underwear? Or do you like whips and think cowboys and leather go together?  On the other hand you may fancy the traditional western wear of the Texas cowboy and choose to wear starched Wrangler jeans and western shirt.

“Show us your Clydesdale”:  This category is open to the most interpretation and is often the portion of the competition that allows the judges to see more of each contestant’s personality.  One’s “Clydesdale” being one’s “best feature”, contestants may choose to demonstrate a unique talent or physical feature. 

Fundraising:  How much money can you earn as tips during the competition?  During the Creativity, Western Wear and “Clydesdale” portions of the competition, each contestant is allotted five minutes to “work the crowd” to obtain as many tips as possible.  Bring your friends!  In the past, these tips have shown to be an effective tie-breaker when the contests have been close.  Do not underestimate this category!

Other Notes:

  • A first runner-up will be chosen at each preliminary competition

  • Check-in begins one hour before the event’s scheduled time

  • An entry fee of $10 per contestant per preliminary will be collected. Enter as many preliminaries as you would like.

  • All tips raised during the contests go directly to SMRA and it’s charities

  • All registration fees are non-refundable

  • The winner of each preliminary contest will receive a sash and a gift bag

For more information email mrbudlightcontest@smra.net

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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