‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Recap, Episode 9: ‘Sex and the Kitty Girl’

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This is it, ladies – the last episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 before the season finale on Feb. 15. Last week, everyone was stunned about Manila Luzon’s elimination. Back in the work room, Naomi Smalls talked about why she chose to eliminate Manila instead of Latrice Royal: This is a competition, she said, and “life’s not fair.”

Monet X Change revealed that if she had won the lip sync, she, too, would have eliminated Manila. Trinity the Tuck was beside herself over the decision, because Manila had been a top competitor for nearly the entire season. She called shade on both Naomi and Monet, but deep down was relieved that Manila, her toughest competition, got the axe.

Then RuPaul revealed this week’s Maxi Challenge: Act in a movie she-quel called Sex and the Kitty Girl 3, a parody of the legendary TV and film series Sex and the City. Also, it goes a step further to include behind-the-scenes drama among cast members, alluding to Kim Cattrall’s public disapproval of the Sex and the City cast, which ultimately led to the cancellation of a potential third film.

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Because Naomi was last week’s winner, she got to assign the roles. With five queens remaining, the Sex and the City  foursome was expanded to include Kristen Johnston’s brief role as the party girl who fell out the window to her death in the episode “Splat!” Naomi decided to challenge herself and play the lead, Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw). Both Trinity and Monet wanted the Kim Cattrall role, and they finally resolved it by playing rock, paper, scissors, which Trinity won. Monet was cast as Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Latrice as Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Monique Heart as Miss Splat (Johnston).

Resident judge Ross Matthews directed the scene. He was quick to critique each of the queens’ line delivery, and he wanted more, then less, then more. It was confusing editing. Monique seemed to get by without any critiques from Matthews, while Naomi had notes galore with her stand-offish take on SJP.

Back on the main stage, the category on the runway was “Cat Couture.” The top two were Trinity, in a full cat suit, and Monique Heart, looking spot-on as Puss in Boots. The remaining three were left in the bottom: Latrice’s outfit was more jungle than cat-themed, Monet’s Pink Panther looked more like a pink mouse, and Naomi gave us her take on a millennial cat lady look. Once all together on stage, we saw the tape of Sex and the Kitty Girl 3. It was a fun ride, but a little choppy. Naomi really didn’t channel SJP at all, and Trinity and Monique killed it with comedy.

Backstage, each queen pleaded her case as to why she should stay and whom she would send packing. Both Monet and Naomi named Latrice to send home, while Latrice suggested Naomi.

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For the lip sync back on the main stage, both Trinity and Monique ditched their cat suits and performed to Janet Jackson’s “When I Think of You.” Both queens turned it out, but Trinity took the win with her signature hair-flip and point, synchronized strategically to the lyrics. With her $10,000 tip came the task of eliminating one of the bottom queens. Sadly, she chose Latrice Royale to be sent home for a second time.

Four queens, including Kansas City’s own Monique Heart, remain for next week’s finale. Are you Team Monet, Team Trinity, Team Naomi or Team Monique?

You can catch the weekly watch party at 7 p.m. Friday at Woody’s Sports Pub in Midtown Kansas City, hosted by local legends Candice Marie and Luna Flare.


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