By Cait Brennan, October 2015 Issue.

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Against Me!

23 Live Sex Acts

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It’s not exactly like Laura Jane Grace has ever had a “laid back” phase, but the rush of activity and attention that came when she came out as transgender has been a whirlwind, even for somebody who’s used to global fame. She kicked off 2014 with the release of future-classic Transgender Dysphoria Blues, followed by a world tour as well as a television series, “True Trans” (editorial humblebrag disclosure: I’m in it for a bit). Now that extraordinary year is commemorated in a new live album, 23 Live Sex Acts, a record as raw, powerful and uncompromising as its cover.

And yeah, what a cover: severed sex organ on a plate, in the style of a lurid old newspaper advertisement, claiming the show was recorded “live at the Gritty Clit.” Wal-mart featured display placement assured! It’s a graphical representation of Grace’s dark wit and lyrical honesty. She’s never shied away from the difficult, awkward or even lurid aspects of the trans experience (or the public perception of same). On Transgender Dysphoria Blues it was a revelation, but here, presented in live form, the songs take on a raw power and urgency that transcend their studio versions. Trans anthems like “True Trans Soul Rebel” burns with a blinding, righteous fury, while even old hits like “Thrash Unreal” take on a new edge.

It’s especially moving to hear Grace revisit 2007’s “The Ocean,” from Against Me’s Sire Records debut. “If I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman,” she sang then. “My mother once told me she would have named me Laura. I would grow up to be strong and beautiful like her.” It took courage to write those words in the guise of a male punk frontman; it was like a prayer for even the possibility of escape. To hear Grace sing them now, having come through the fire and become her fully realized self, is not only an extraordinarily emotional moment of catharsis, it should give anyone, anywhere, the hope that no matter how long the odds feel, anything is truly possible if you refuse to give up. And, 23 Live Sex Acts is an amazing document of survival and triumph.

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