Reclaiming the F word with music

It’s the word that sent actor Isaiah Washington to rehab and prompted Fall Out Boy front-man and Ashlee Simpson baby-daddy Pete Wentz to claim “Yes I am” on the cover of Out magazine. 

Never failing to send homos into histrionics, trailblazers Jonny McGovern and Adam Joseph are working hard to reclaim the “F-word” as a source of power through a new genre of music dubbed “DirtyGayFagPop” by McGovern.

“I remember when I was in high school and there were all of these things that were considered faggoty or gay,” explained McGovern in an exclusive phone interview with O&AN.

“There was always someone saying how I was too faggoty and I remember being very ashamed of that as a kid," McGovern said. "It wasn’t until I grew up and came out as a gay man that I finally realized that it was all of those faggoty things that make me who I am. It’s about taking those things back and being proud of who you are and telling the world ‘Hell, naw! I’m going 100 percent.”

Having already made a name for himself as “The Gay Pimp” on his amazingly funny podcast “Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern” (which opens with a lusty voiced McGovern intoning “Are you feelin’ faggoty?”), he has also released the notorious “Soccer Practice” and last year’s “Gays Gone Wild” which blew the lid off the top of DirtyGayFagPop permanently.

Most recently, McGovern has released a remix album called “Keep it Faggoty” which re-imagines many of his more popular songs as powerful club hits.

“When I first did Soccer Practice, there wasn’t really anybody else recording any ‘dirty gay’ stuff or even really any gay stuff at all in a fun and cheeky kind of way and there was definitely an audience for it out there," McGovern said.

Though McGovern claims his aim was not to offend, there were a number of people on the internet who got their upset over The Gay Pimp’s in your face presentation, a virility that is now being aimed at “Team Pimp” newcomer Adam Joseph.

The soulful sounding Joseph released his first album a few years ago showcasing his 'big black mama in a skinny white boy' vocals which prompted the legendary Chaka Khan to openly dub Joseph “My Nigga”—a  badge which Joseph wears with no small amount of pride.

But, it was the single “Faggoty Attention” that the New York songbird recorded last year that drew him fire from internet forums across the country.

“When I wrote Faggoty Attention I did it as a joke,” Joseph said during a phone interview. “I was working with Jonny McGovern putting together all of these great songs for a project called The East Village Mixtape that I produced and co-wrote on for him. He suggested that I should do my own song in the spirit of this mixtape that was about seducing straight boys. “

On a lark going along with the joke, Joseph recorded this song that was the total opposite of what he had done up until then. Almost immediately after being released, the song got into the movie A Four Letter Word and was quickly followed by a video that got picked up by Logo.

“ It’s totally crazy now because it has become one of my most popular songs,” Joseph said. “ But If you think about it there are probably a lot of people who are offended at the very fact that there are out gay men doing music at all.

"If you think about the number of lesbian musicians who have exploited their sexuality to gain popularity it’s interesting that there is no real parallel within the gay male population. Even when Boy George was doing his thing in the 80’s he never came out and said he was gay in the public press until after the band was long gone.”

 “The people who enjoy this music enjoy it because they can relate to it and it is funny and it is about their lives,” continues McGovern. “They appreciate the fact that I’m not afraid of talking about letting yo’ dick swang out or warning straight women not to fall in love with a homo.”

While McGovern acknowledges that it will be sometime next year before he has time to release another album of all-original material, he has plenty of DirtyGayFagPop to keep everyone busy for quite some time with the upcoming releases of the "Best of Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern” podcast comedy CD as well as another comedy CD called “Dirty Stuff” that is based on his one man show.

McGovern and Joseph are both working on “The East Village Mixtape Vol. 2” as well as upcoming releases by Team Pimp members Ericature Aviance and Linda James who have both been recently signed to McGovern’s   Gay Nerd label.

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