Reader responds to WATE-TV interview of Rep. Bill Dunn

Dear Editor,

I want to thank Gene Patterson at WATE-TV for showing East Tennessee who Bill Dunn really is.

During his interview with Bill Dunn on the issue of gay marriage and his discriminatory bill to ban same-sex marriage in Tennessee, Dunn showed his true colors.

When asked what he would say to those who might take personal shots at him and accuse him of being homophobic, Dunn replied that people will say what they want to about their elected officials, but all he's doing is staying true to his values and who he is.

Nice dodge Dunn.  Apparently, it's okay to stay true to your values and be who you are, as long as you're a bigoted homophobe.

The LGBT community is also asking for the right to be true to their values and be who they are.  Our values don't have anything to do with destroying the legitimacy of traditional heterosexual marriage or domestic partnerships between opposite-sex couples, and our values certainly don't promote hatred, bigotry and discrimination toward anyone.

Dunn supported his view by pointing out Rosie O'Donnell as an example. Apparently, when one of Rosie's adopted children asked her, "Mommy, why can't I have a daddy?"  Rosie answered, because Mommy is the kind of mommy who wants another Mommy."  Again, Dunn showed his true colors by saying that, in this example, the emphasis is on what the adults want, leaving the kids needs out of the picture.

Well DUH, Dunn!  Since when do kids get to pick their parents?  If kids got to pick their parents, wouldn't there be less divorce and fewer deadbeat dads (or moms) in the world? I think kids, if they were given a choice, would choose parents who are more loving, accepting and wise - wise enough to know that parents acting as a team, have a lot to offer children who aren't lucky enough to have two loving parents, regardless of their gender.

Get real Dunn.  Kids do not need to be taught the kinds of values you espouse.  Kids need to be nurtured and loved.  Kids need parents who demonstrate wisdom and kindness towards others.  Kids need to be told the truth, and the truth is that there are, and always have been, people who have same-sex attractions.

Your bill won't make gay people go away, and it won't destroy the legitimacy of love between two consenting adults.

Brian Varner

Knoxville, Tennessee

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