Dawn Freeman

Ohio native Dawn Freeman is quickly making a name for herself. A versatile singer, she combines her style of soul, pop and jazz to share her message. Dawn writes from the heart with positive lyrics with love songs that relate to all. By the time Dawn was four years old she was being exposed to influences ranging from Natalie Cole, Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke and her favorite artist, Prince. She captivates her audience with her unique, divine vocals and is indeed an artist to watch for. Dawn is working on her first album to be released in summer of 2007.

Eric Dennis Band

The Nashville based pop/rock outfit, "Eric Dennis Band," combines high-energy groove based percussion, driving guitars, funky bass lines, and an impressive 2 1/2 octave vocal range. "If Maroon 5 and the Black Crowes got in a fist fight, the only thing left standing would be The Eric Dennis Band." To hear some music from this amazing band visit www.myspace.com/ericdennisband.

Tommy Keenum

Since moving to Nashville a decade ago, singer/saxophonist/percussionist Tommy Keenum has lent his soulful touch to a wide range of live shows including David Mead, Bobby Bare Jr., The Bees, and Steff Mahan. He is also a charter member of the hugely successful band of Nashville glitterati that is Guilty Pleasures. With the release of his first solo record last year, Keenum’s unique style was placed front and center. Produced by Bees frontman Daniel Tashian, Sentimental Jamboree is packed with fresh takes on a delightful assortment of writers from Isaac Hayes to Nick Drake and is the perfect showcase for Keenum’s lush vocals and lyrical sax work. Jack Silverman of the Nashville Scene called Sentimental Jamboree “great bedroom listening that goes even deeper than that, probing themes of love more from the spirit than the body.”

His self-penned new release Time Marches On builds on the same pop/jazz dreaminess while the songs chart one man’s journey to grow up, get real, and live with passion and integrity. For more info go to www.tommykeenum.com   

Wall of Jules

Power rock trio. All girls. All energy. All the time. A rare mix of raw talent, 70’s music obsession, and gosh darn it, people like them. Wall of Jules always brings the party and is the kind of band you wish you were in. Wall of Jules consists of: Cindy Finkle (Fink) - "guitar, songs, diva: East coast kid, red-headed ball of fury, Guitar-slingin’ Mama who will take your head off if you’re not paying attention;" Susan Charnley (Charn) - "bass, cool: D.C. girl, predator by day, rock star by night, ’78 P-bass is choice of weapon, will take that lead, thank you very much;" and Nancy Gardner (Nanc) - "kit, glue: South Carolina chick, remember those clear vista –lites? She does. Now she’s a Gretsch Girl with a kit in every room." 

Jane Dupree

Spinning everything from electro to house and techno, Jane Dupree has been a staple of the Nashville dance music scene for almost a decade. DJ Jane Dupree born as Bridgett Hardville began DJ-ing in 1999 as college radio DJ and host of HouseNation on 88.3FM WMTS. Her love and passion for electronic music was the driving force behind each mix. Ms. Dupree’s performances deliver captivating and hypnotizing mixes and always leaves dance floors begging for more.

She has shared the stage with international DJs and artists such as Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vision, Charles Feelgood, Terrance Parker Jr., Frankie Vega, Annalyze, Junior Vasquez, Karl Amaria, Derek Plaslaiko, Robert Armani, Paul Anthony, Agent Orange, Jen Lasher, Kazell, Gabriel Palomo, Reid Speed, Circuit Breaker, BT, Gant Garrard, Jen Mas, John B, and Do of DJ Sammy.

Ms. Jane has held a top 5 spot of the Nashville DJ list at www.thedlist.com for the past 3 years. Jane was recently featured in the April issue of Ozone magazine. Jane is a member of DJ collectives Dancin Afterdark, Female Pressure, SheJay.net, and SoulFlip Records.

Currently Jane is working on original music, remix projects, and a new mix cd. This summer she will go on her first national tour. For the latest news about Jane Dupree please visit www.janedupree.net, www.janedupree.com, or www.myspace.com/janedupree.

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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