Pride goes country with The Paisley Fields

The Paisley Fields, a queer country band hailing from New York City, is touring pride festivals this summer, with a stop at the Nashville Pride festival main stage at 11am later this month. In addition they are coming to Two Old Hippies in Nashville at 2pm on Friday June 24th, and Mad Donna’s at 8:30pm on Sunday June 26th. This summer marks the very first Paisley Pride Tour. 

“While there have been setbacks for the LGBTQ community this year, there is also much to celebrate,” says lead singer James Wilson. “This summer we want to join our friends around the country to celebrate our individualities, and have a big old queer country party. We’ve made great strides towards equality, but we still have a long way to go, as evident by the HB2 law and other discriminatory policies being put in place.”

Though Wilson is inspired by country musicians like Dolly Parton and Gram Parsons, he wanted The Paisley Fields lyrics to reflect a modern world. Pittsburgh City Paper writes, "While The Paisley Fields have a good bit in common with contemporary country — rich production, songs with pop bones and twangy accents — the band probably won't be touring with Toby Keith anytime soon. They're a refreshing change from country radio." The Paisley Fields’ latest album, Oh These Urban Fences, is described by No Depression as "a labor of love that demands your attention.”

The group is a harmony driven piano based alt-country band. James Wilson leads The Paisley Fields on keyboard and vocals, joined by singer Anna Volpe, bassist Robert Fernandez, and James Steiner on drums and mandolin. Also joining The Paisley Pride Tour is renowned Brooklyn Country artist Aron Blue on guitar. 

The Paisley Pride tour will also make stops at Shenandoah Valley Pride, Cedar Valley Pride and more.




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