PLAY Dance Bar is ready to party this year

Known as Nashville's place to party, Play dance bar arguably offers Nashville's best drag shows and dance floor. Recently refurbished and bouncing back from the pandemic, Play has a roster of uber-friendly queer bartenders and a program of shows that you won't want to miss.

Operating Hours: Monday–Tuesday ClosedWednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm–2amFriday–Saturday 8pm–3am
Showtimes: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 9pm | 11pmFriday–Saturday 9pm | 11pm | 1am

Upcoming events you won't want to miss include Free Entry Wednesdays, U Be U Thursdays, and DP House Party Sundays. For fun photos and a preview of the fun times coming your way, follow PLAY on Instagram.

The last time we wrote about PLAY was waaaaay back in the summer of 2011, when cosmetic refurb changes were introduced three days before the owners' internal deadline: June 18, the day of Nashville Pride Festival.

Co-owner Joey Brown had at that time anticipated a few surprised but satisfied reactions when the venue hosts its annual Pride Festival after party.

"When we opened up on Wednesday night, I think people were completely shocked," he said then. "I felt like we were opening up for the first time. I think people are already proud of PLAY and Tribe, but this is going to make them even more proud."

Brown expected a seamless transition with the new setup, but completing the remodel was no simple feat.

"For the past several weeks, we were working from six in the morning to nine at night and working weekends," he says. "We've been keeping it covered up, and we had to do this remodel on our off days because we didn't want to be closed."

PLAY has earned numerous accolades in its history: the bar has been named "Nashville’s Best Place to Dance” by the Nashville Scene,, and Out & About Newspaper. With such lofty praise, it would seem easy for the owners to rest on their laurels. Instead they've used their social and financial capital to enhance the experience for its clientele.

"We just wanted to freshen things up," Brown says. "On the dance floor, we re-did some of the lighting and added a DJ booth. We've got a new video screen, too. There are some cool features on the wall. It's a big overhaul."

A custom booth designer has created special seating for those who need a rest from the dance floor. The owners have also made multiple enhancements to the showroom: the area has been widened with raised seating on each side of the room offering a better view of the entertainment.

Michael Ward of Allard Ward Architects is responsible for much of this makeover, giving PLAY a visually-appealing, modern feel.

"He was amazing with his design help," Brown says. "With four owners, we all have our own ideas and have to work together to make decisions. I felt like he came up with something great."

Here at OUTvoices Nashville, we are just happy that PLAY has survived another decade and let's all support this fabulous venue into 2022 and beyond!

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