Paula Poundstone's Comedic Wedge

Paula Poundstone followed through on her Tweet, “I’m bringing a wedge with me on Friday so that I can be the only person standing on an incline in Overland Park, Kansas.” While it may not have been so literal, Poundstone indeed wedged her style and flair through an JCCC’s auditorium, over-casted by white middle-agers and the gays.

Poundstone is a regular on NPR’s Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell ME. Her political commentary is quick witted and backed up by facts. Back it up. She’s an author and has won a Peabody in Broadcasting. She has a FULL house of 3 children, 13 cats (yes, 13 cats), a big dog and a lop-eared bunny, all of whom she plays upon in her comedy. Poundstone also uses her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in her comedy, or perhaps it uses her. Regardless, you’ll find yourself laughing through a clever trail weaved in hilarious story-telling and thought provoking observations. Pack a snack because it may take a few hours to get through.

Poundstone, appeared drag-king, adrogynous-esque as she costumed a suit tailored for the performance. Easy there trigger, Poundstone is Asexual. As she stated in the Dallas Voice, “I am not, at this time, a virgin myself, but I don’t like sex, so I abstain, which should certainly be at least a cousin to virgin, perhaps deserving something in an honorary title. Should I become a beloved hero in my time, my followers could refer to me as ‘virginish.’ ...The idea that I’d get to my bed and there’d be someone in there with whom I was supposed to have an activity is horrifying to me. It’s a safe bet that I’m not good at sex, that I do it wrong.”

To each their own. But I do think politics and moms are hot. If you’re on this boat, buy a ticket for her February show in Emporia and pack a snack.

Paula Poundstone will be performing on February 20 in Emporia, KS. Visit for details.

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