If you name it, OutCentral probably hosted it in 2013. From art exhibits and book clubs to Lesbian Film Night and WANGL (a weekly group focusing on recovery), OutCentral boosted the level of its programming in 2013. Their annual Pride run, the Gay 5K, was a runaway success and the turnout for this year’s Autumn Honors exceeded years’ past. So as the center strives to secure its place within the Nashville LGBT community, it’s unveiling a wave of new programming and partnerships for 2014.

First up, help turn those New Year’s Resolutions into New Year’s Realities by centering yourself with Yoga at OutCentral.  Whether you’re looking for serenity or just a healthy activity, the 75-minute sessions, held weekly on Tuesdays beginning at 5:45 p.m., can help you with both.

“Yoga helps us be less reactionary, especially in the face of harsh prejudice or judgment by others,” says instructor Mary Irby. “In this way, I think it is helpful to everyone, but maybe even more so to the LGBT community.  Many times, those in the LGBT community may struggle with their sexuality, judging themselves for feeling the way they do, or having trouble accepting their own feelings. Also, they endure not only the stresses of life we all share but the added burden of extreme judgment of their lifestyles.   Yoga teaches us to question why a person is so threatened by our race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs instead of becoming angry or judging them in return.  In this way, it may help us develop compassion even toward those who wrong us, which can only bring us more peace."

And there’s no better time to invest in your health and happiness than right now. For the month of January, new students can purchase a 6-class card for only $30. That is only $5 a class. The pass is good for 90 days and must be used by the same person. Purchase your pass on the OutCentral website now.

OutCentral is also partnering with several community businesses in order to provide information the Nashville LGBT community needs. If planning your financial future ranks high on your resolutions, then you’ll want to attend the new financial series at OutCentral presented by Radian Partners. The event will take place the second Wednesday of each month from 7 - 8 p.m.. The first event, Basics of Investing: Building Wealth Wisely Series, is scheduled for Wednesday January 8. Additional topics will include: 

February: Get Out of Debt/Live Debt-Free

March: Understanding and Managing My 401(k)

April: Knowing What Investments to Stay Away from

May: Building a Cash Reserve

June: Building a Budget

If healthcare and the learning how to navigate the current landscape of options is important to you, OutCentral is partnering with Humana and the first event is January 22.

If exploring your sexual freedom is a New Year’s resolution, join Kink 101 on January 26.

Finally, if you just want to meet new friends, then come down for Family Dinner, a monthly Sunday potluck dinner beginning January 19.


Visit OutCentral online for a full calendar of event and to become a member today.

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