October Horoscopes

Aries. 3-21 to 4-19.
With that Me First attitude of yours, one would think that you’re selfish. Let’s just say that you’re all wrapped up in your own thoughts and desires. Life opens up for you during the month of October to many of the things that you have wanted to do. It’s time for some long distance travel. Being in a new set of surroundings, you get to relax and purge those elements that have provoked tension and at times, a neurotic behavior. You will return feeling more integrated with the true self. Too bad others don’t immediately see that you’ve embraced both the conscious and unconscious parts of the self and will continue to test your resolve because of their own envy and jealousy. This, because you are the I Am That I Am, and they are nothing more than a cyborg of society.

Taurus. 4-20 to 5-20.
It doesn’t take long for others to see that you are set in your ways. The good side of this is that you’re calm and stable. The bad side is you can be very adamant with your opinions. The month of October is a time to cultivate your desires of money and sex and transmute them into the realm of spirituality. You need to start taking steps to reform the anticipated course of behavior, and begin to manifest your desire to be independent and unique. This essential need to be unorthodox must now be the focus. Through this development of the self, you gain a sense of method and purpose. The shackles of who and what you are begin to slowly evaporate from being.

Gemini. 5-21 to 6-21.
Part of your personality is to be high strung and become easily irritated and short circuit over very mundane elements in life. October is a month where you need to achieve compensation for these inadequate parts of your personality that has lead you to believe you are a failure. Start enriching your life by being more responsible and conscientious of the self and others. Participate in new experiences that explore mental and physical situations. Seize opportunities so that you learn to become responsible and more open-minded and generous. You now give onto the ego the element of being distinct. You of all the signs are an intricate network of nerve fibers, turn each on and develop each potential.

Cancer. 6-22 to 7-22.
Most people know you’re very protective of those that you love. But there are times that your deep emotions cause you to overreact. This month is a time of moodiness, fluctuation and temperament. While there are many social invitations, your extreme inhibitions to social environments cause an inability to assert yourself with any positive affects. It’s the same with ideas. Very creative, but met with many obstacles. So little is manifested. This inversion of energy will bring stress and frustration. Because of this imbalance between the ego and the collective, there will be difficulty in achieving any harmonious rhythm. This will produce a very uneasy self-consciousness bringing about shyness and a low libido.

Leo. 7-23 to 8-23.
We all know you have a very strong ego. With that said, it’s understandable that others may suggest things to you, but don’t think you are going to take orders from them. Well this month others provoke you to seek and develop your independence. This is a part of your organic behavior. To live within restrictions or retarded structures can only bring dramatic and disruptive behavior from you. Thus, the need to depart from the uncivilized course you’ve been on, your deeply rooted functional need of personal freedom brings the revolution of consciousness. Take action with the impulse to be uninhibited with your personal expression. You have so much to gain, and others will never forget the loss.

Virgo. 8-24 to 9-22.
You’re very analytical and the way to turn your heart on is to give the mind an orgasmic stimulation. This month is yearning for this intimate intercourse of dialog but is met with a joke that has no punch line. No growth for the ego. Because there is a vacuum of external stimuli, expect mental and emotional stress. Even though you are ready for mental pursuits and a need to socialize, there will be disappointments and frustrations. With no mental sensory arousal, you can be seduced to the external demands or pressures and engage in unorthodox experiences. This expression lacks common sense and can bring one problem after another. A more studious approach would be to teach others, which would be a transference of the self, through others.

Libra. 9-23 to 10-23.
Not only are you one of the more friendly signs, you have the ability to be tactful and diplomatic. These social graces come out this month. This is a time in your life to bring about change in the character of your interpersonal relationships. A new social consciousness. All year you’ve been running away from the self. Your own sense of identity got lost in the embrace of others. Now is the moment to enable the self to establish new social and interpersonal relationships. These new intimate contacts will broaden opportunities with the objectives and goals you’ve set for yourself. Firmer foundations bring about a much-needed balance within your biological and social drives.

Scorpio. 10-24 to 11-22.
You have intense abilities to concentrate, meditate, and focus. This month you’ll need to be more flexible with your opinions. Elements of your deeper self come to the surface and demand that you revise and re-orientate your life-purpose. Unrealistic hopes and dreams must be put on the back shelf. No one wants to admit failure, but there is a concrete reality before you. Think of it as a time to be reborn and participate more effectively so that you are more productive within the greater whole. Being true to your own inner purpose and not a victim of fate. A time to emerge out of the womb and inherit a new metamorphosis of being.

Sagittarius. 11-23 to 12-21.
You’re a visionary and certainly the love of freedom brings possibilities to explore every facet of life. This month may find you wearing a set of handcuffs or being put on a leash. The planet Saturn begins to emerge into your life causing you to be devoid of creativity and freedom. Opposition materializes into the life bringing tension and depression. Somehow, the past becomes relevant in your life and consumes a lot of your time and energy. Your conscious attention to the matters at hand are needed so that you may have a better objective understanding of this moment. After all, there is a crisis in consciousness. Instead of hibernating, seize this moment to assimilate the past, and create new foundations, new responsibilities, and a new conscious ego.

Capricorn. 12-22 to 1-20.
You are probably not only the most organized but practical of all the signs. You have the define plan. This month your conservative outlook needs to give way to use your resources to fulfill your social, emotional, and economic needs of today. The opportunity to establish a new relationship between your conscious mind and the collective brings illumination. A time to change your habitual patterns and broaden your horizons. A moment to be of purpose and efficient. Corporations help define your purpose and link you to bigger and better enterprises. These formative processes help develop and define the aspects of our human psyche giving much more self-control.

Aquarius. 1-21 to 2-18.
Certainly there is no other sign that is more of an individual than you are. You just need to disseminate when to conform and when to be independent. This month is the time to assert the independent self, follow your intuition and be open to new ventures and ideas. A time to transform the present implications of your life. You need to go beyond the conservative and traditional and reach deep within yourself and grab hold of those untapped resources. A time to re-polarize the self and the direction of the self. Do not let external boundaries provoke crises of fear. These new desires create inner stability. This shift will not only cause you to be centered with the self but with humanity. Being no longer grounded by the ego, causes your ideals to materialize because of your creative action.

Pisces. 2-19 to 3-20.
You are a sign that is governed by your moods. That is because you are prone to make assessments based upon your emotions. This month expect people to just wipe that smile off your face because you can’t say no. It’s just for a few weeks, not forever here. You need to sit down and look at those people in your life that you need to cut yourself free from. You need to begin to stand on your own feet, secure in the truth of the self and accept new responsibilities and obligations. Because of the chaos that others bring into your life, there is an urgency by you to resolve things quickly. Slow down, one day at a time here. The emphasis here is to begin a new social order and life, to better understand your essential purpose in the contacts of human relationships.

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