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My pick for President is Hillary Clinton. I have never voted for any Republican and never will. And President Obama has been good for me. I am a gay Vietnam veteran that was discharged for being gay. President Obama and his work to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and his efforts on behalf of the LGBT community have allowed me to upgrade my discharge to honorable and to receive VA benefits. I am retired and they have been a big help to me.

—Jim Fields



This presidential election is all about the Supreme Court Justices. The next president will appoint anywhere from two to four of the next deciders of our country’s laws, on items that no one else can agree on, which truly sets the direction for our country. With that in mind, I HAVE to vote for Hillary, over any other candidate. Despite any problems or issues or legal battles she may or may not face, we can survive 4 years of any president, as there is proper checks and balances, as long as they are someone who will appoint more liberal justices. I would not want to know that I had a hand in electing someone that would appoint 2 to 4 conservative justices, which would set our country on a brand new path for the next few decades, having a longer lasting impact that any single presidential term ever could.

—Jason Steen



HILLARY! This letter from Robert Hansen says it all on why I'm voting for "her", and should resonate with a lot in the LGBT community:

“Your third party or write in vote only helps elect Donald Trump… You often quote that Hillary stated that she was against marriage equality, [and] she did, but … we've received more equality in just 7 years under our current president who also evolved on marriage equality. Though you don't hear about it much in the so called liberal media, Trump vows to appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn marriage equality, says he's ok with the anti-LGBT law in North Carolina and other states and has selected the country’s most hateful anti-LGBT governor as his running mate. Often the younger generations thank [us] for helping pave the way for acceptance and equality, as we appreciate and thank the ones that came before us. To see you, however inadvertently it might be, help pave the way back to the 50's is just unfathomable to me. I'm closing in on 60 years old and really don't want to have to start over from square one.”

Robert illustrates an important point. Discrimination has a measurable cost to the aggrieved. A woman not having the choice to control her own body, her reproduction, is more than a moral issue, it is an economic issue. People of color who were redlined and unable to get affordable home loans were denied the ability to build wealth others could.

The people we elect and the laws they pass have an effect on us all. Failing to learn the impact of a candidate's rhetoric and policy positions can affect a society for generations.

—Joe Paul



I'm with Her All the way! In the beginning, it was sort of humorous to me watching Mr. Trump and his antics. In all seriousness, this is the most important job in the Land. Mr. Trump hasn't the intelligence nor the temperament to hold the most important job in the Land!!!

—Sherry Wilson




I am supporting Donald Trump because I am sending a message to Washington—there must be change. Our political system must stay as current and cutting-edge as our iPhones. We need to phase out the career politician. How can Hillary be permitted to cheat and lie for decades at our expense?

People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m voting for Trump, but how could anyone vote for a blatant criminal? She fraudulently secured her nomination by rigging the DNC and shortchanging Bernie Sanders, who was clearly the people’s choice, and somehow that was just okay with everybody. Trump earned 14,000,000 votes—the most in GOP history—despite media opposition while eliminating sixteen other candidates through a barrage of debates. Yet he’s laughed at and is the “con man.”

I think the establishment should really look at that and listen to what We The People are trying to say. Not exactly what Trump says word-for-word, Molly, but the bigger message. I can’t keep tolerating #her.

I also believe that the Presidential election is actually the weakest vote we cast as citizens. If we really want to influence the laws and direction of our incredible country, then we should shift our focus on the elections of our representatives and who they’re in bed with. (That or

disable the now unnecessary electoral college.) These are the elections of our Representatives and House members.

Why aren’t we talking more about these elections and why aren’t we hearing more about them? We want them to work together while representing us, not make deals for each other while scratching backs.

—Rusty Hackett, aka Raquel Redd





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