O&AN endorses Obama for presidency

The message started with Barack Obama.  Americans need a change.  For every American, this message is no longer simply a campaign slogan, but a reality.  

That's why we at Out & About Newspaper chose to endorse Barack Obama for president. We believe he represents the change we need.  He will be the catalyst that moves America in a direction of economic stability and reminds the rest of the world exactly why we are a great country.

This political season is not about military spending, the war in Iraq or even equal rights.  According to recent CNN polls, the economy and health care represent 71 percent of the most important issues impacting our decisions as we pull the lever during this year's election. 

Our next president must represent the change needed to address these issues.  Barack Obama does.

Middle class Americans, people like us, are worried.  We are worried about paying our mortgages, feeding our families and putting gas in the tank.  We are worried about our 401k and the rising cost of health care in this country.  And yes, we are worried about our sons and daughters fighting in Iraq.

Are we better off than we were four years ago?  Are we better off than we were eight years ago?  No we are not.  We are no safer.  We are no richer.  And we are sick of the same political speak coming from inside the Beltway day after day after day.

We need a President who will listen to the voices of middle America.  We need a President that understands middle Americans are people with household incomes of $50,000 per year, not $250,000.  We need a voice that will speak to middle America.  Barack Obama does.

He is intelligent, articulate and clearly progressive.  Barack Obama has his fingers on the pulse of this nation.  Barack Obama will fight for the changes this country needs.

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