The editorial staff of Out & About Newspaper recently surveyed all four candidates running for the open Metro Council seat in the 18th District vacated by Keith Durbin. John Ray Clemmons, David Glasgow, and Kristine LaLonde returned questionnaires. We did not receive a response from Stephenie Dodson. 

We were pleased to see a positive and thoughtful response from all candidates on issues that affect the GLBT community. However, after a thorough review of the candidate’s positions and qualifications, Out & About Newspaper is pleased to announce our endorsement of David Glasgow for Metro Council.

Glasgow is a familiar name to readers of Out & About Newspaper. An openly gay man, he has been an active supporter of our community organizations such as Artrageous, the Nashville Grizzlies Rugby Football Club, the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce, HRC, and TEP. For years he has contributed to the work of sustaining our community.

With extensive experience in federal and state government, Glasgow has a solid grasp of good policy and is uniquely qualified to help formulate solutions to the problems that face Nashville. He is a strong neighborhood advocate who has taken the time to listen to the concerns of the residents of the 18th District. Going door-to-door to meet with his neighbors, he has earned their confidence as someone who will go to bat for them in Metro Council.

The 18th District is one of the most progressive in the State, having voted against the marriage discrimination amendment in 2006 and against the English Only measure in January of this year. Glasgow understands that working for equality is an integral part of representing the interests of the 18th. He knows, as no other candidate does, that the same people who care about the unique character of their neighborhoods also care about opportunity for all people.

It is unfortunate that partisan mudslinging has already marred this nonpartisan race. Candidates for Metro Council do not run with a party affiliation and it is irrelevant to the question of who will do the best job of representing the neighborhoods in the 18th District. Having a party label next to your name reveals nothing about who has the most progressive vision for our city. 

David Glasgow represents a strong independent and progressive voice for Nashville. His experience and background give him the ability to move our community forward. For all these reasons, we urge the residents of the 18th District to vote for David Glasgow for Metro Council.

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