All her life, Elizabeth Hill has found roots in the holistic lifestyle. From the time she was a child, she had learned how the earth can provide answers for life’s problems, and when she got older, she realized how that knowledge could be used in a positive way.

While serving in the Army, Hill discovered that many natural remedies worked better than the medicines the military provided for different ailments. She then completed an apprenticeship with a master herbalist at the Green Witch School of Herbalism in Salem, Mass., as her time in the military ended. From there, Hill earned her degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine with a Master Herbalist major from the American Collage of Healthcare Sciences and went on to open Numen Botanicals in 2007.

Numen Botanicals offers a wide selection of natural and organic products used for healing, culinary, and organic purposes, and Hill blends her strong background in medical herbalism with spiritual guidance to best help her clients. Along with the wealth of herbs, minerals, spices, Hill offers spiritual counseling, chakra cleansing and balancing, and Reiki healing treatments.

Hill also believes in reconnecting with the earth.

“Your actions now will affect the next seven generations,” she says of the effects our actions have on the environment. “It is up to us as adults to cultivate our own plants, to return the earth to how we found it. and to replace what we have taken. I believe we have a duty to protect the earth.”

Hill also offers an apprenticeship at Numen Botanicals where she teaches about conscientious harvesting. She teaches to take only what is needed and nothing more. Apprentices at Numen Botanicals also learn to replace that which is taken, like replanting a tree after one has been removed. Hill enlightens her students natural cleaners, detergents and medicines that are not harmful to the environment or body.

Hill carries her business practices to her home as well. She uses hand towels instead of paper towels in her home. She turns out the lights if she is not currently using a room and only uses energy efficient light bulbs. She separates her trash and recycles. She also growing her own vegetables and herbs.

“Today we rely on convenience,” Hill says. “We have become dependent on doctors and pharmaceutical companies. We don’t consider the environmental effects our consumptions cause. We need to start giving back to the earth as much as we take.

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This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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