Native Nashvillian returns to direct theatre's season opener

Jeffrey Fracè, who currently serves as an Associate Artist at the famed SITI Company in New York is returning home to his native Nashville to direct “1984,” the opener of People’s Branch Theatre’s 2005-2006 season which will take the stage on Thursday, September 29 at the historic Belcourt Theatre for a ten-show run.

Fracè who grew up in Brentwood and attended Montgomery Bell Academy made the decision to direct “1984” after reading the script, which was adapted for the stage by People’s Branch Theatre’s Artistic Director Matt Chiorini and is based on the ground-breaking George Orwell’s classic.

“When I first heard about this production, I knew I wanted to direct it for several reasons. First, because I love the book! Then when I read Matt’s script, I was amazed by his stunning adaptation, and I must say that I am also looking forward to working in my hometown of Nashville again,” Fracè says.

Fracè warns Nashville audiences that this production is unlike any they have encountered in Nashville before. He says this production will not stay at the theatre, but will continue to haunt them long after they have left the confines of the Belcourt.

“Nashville will recognize ‘1984’s’ relevance. We all believe we would recognize Big Brother were we to see him. Indeed, our own country's leadership implements many of the same techniques outlined in Orwell's novel not only with impunity but with an utter lack of irony. Are those of us who claim to be unfooled still, in some insidious way, being fooled?”

“I think it is quite a coup for People’s Branch Theatre and for Nashville to have an artist of Jeffrey's caliber in residence for the show,” says Chiorini who agreed to allow Fracè to direct “1984” after their initial introduction. “Jeffrey is a master actor, teacher and director and it's an honor to have him take the reins of this production. With Jeffrey we're confident that this show will not just be a retelling of the novel, but that it will take on a fascinating life of its own.”

“1984” will be performed nightly beginning at 7:30 p.m. with a special 2:30 p.m. matinee on Sunday, October 2. Tickets for the event are $15 at the door. Individual season passes are $50 and several membership levels are also available.

Jeffrey Fracè and Matt Chiorini are available for interviews either in person or by phone by contacting People’s Branch Theatre at 615-254-0008. For more information on “1984” or the remainder of People’s Branch Theatre’s 2005-2006 productions visit

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