NASHVILLE recap: "Let's Put It Back Together Again"

Glen thinks Juliette should start recording again to help with her recovery. Now, Glen, if she recovers, she will have to find something else to be mad at the world about. Let’s stick with one narcissist Juliette outrage at a time, shall we? Anyway, Juliette starts internet stalking Hallie Jordan, the woman who saved her life after the plane crash- and then she finds the woman’s address.

Juliette, Junior (Maddie) is starting her internship at a recording studio where Deacon and Avery are currently doing some work. Some hip new 21-year-old Youtube artist, Ashley something-or-other is recording an album and she sends Madds on a coffee run. En route to the coffee shop, there is apparently some type of street fair going on in the middle of Music Row (which never happens in real Nashville and appears to have been shot in East Nashville) and she spots a hottie street musician checking her out. When she leaves, she hears him singing and he is pretty fantastic. She is juggling several cups and when she drops one, hottie comes to her rescue. They make small talk and he asks her name. Wait until he ACTUALLY meets her. It only looks good on the outside, hottie. Sorta.

Emily drives Juliette to this Hallie Jordan’s house in Dickson and Hallie is thrilled to see her. They make plans to meet up and hang out later and become totes besties. Hallie tells her to keep hanging on to her toes wiggling- miracles can happen. Well, CMT, I have to hand it to you. You have finally created a character Juliette is nice to. Anyway, Hallie leaves in a crappy, old SUV that has issues starting.

The Chex Mixes (Gunnar and Scarlett’s duo The Exes) are talking with Rayna and Bucky about doing a music video for their new single. Ya know, the single Skinny had issues with? Anyway, Randall, the creepy new social media marketing guy at Rayna’s label shows up and gives Rayna some random health nut hipster drink. Is this guy is Rayna’s stalker? My guess is the drink is roofied.

So, Hottie musician guy (his name is Clayton) finds Maddie’s book, where she writes lyrics, in the coffee shop and returns it to her at the recording studio. He gives her his demo and he played every instrument on it and even took the photo on the cover. They go out for a bite to eat and the street fair is still hopping. He explains he lost his mother to drugs and was raised by his grandparents. When she gets up to leave, he asks to see her again. Don’t do it, Hottie! My house isn’t far from East Nasty!

When Juliette gets home, she gets a call from Hallie, thanking her for the new SUV Juliette surprised her with. Hallie is grateful for the gesture, but she can’t accept it and it makes her feel uncomfortable. She tells Juliette to take the car back. Now, we are going to see Juliette be mad about this.

Things are sucking in the recording studio for Ashley and Avery. They cannot agree on anything. He wants her to sound more natural and she wants to add all of the bells and whistles to her music. He tells her to look around. Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan recorded in the same studio and they were great. “Don’t you want to be great?” He asks her. Nope. Ashley Prissy-Pouty-Bitch wants it her way. So, Avery quits. I don’t get it because Avery lives with Juliette. He should be accustomed to this type of diva behavior by now.

When Rayna and Bucky leave the office, a guy asks for a photo with her and then makes a weird comment about knowing that Maddie is home. Back at home, Juliette, Junior is bitching about Ashley to Daphne and Deacon. Daphne puts her in her place pointing out that she is in an intern and it’s her job to let artists boss her around. #TEAMDAPHNE

Instead of letting the episode with Hallie humble her, Juliette goes on a pity party rant to Avery about how she is never getting better and how everyone would be better off if she had died in the plane crash. Well, that makes two of us, Juliette. When she goes to tend to her crying baby, Avery follows her. To Juliette’s astonishment, she can feel the baby, who is on her lap, peeing. Well, that was a quick healing process, there, CMT. And you did it with pee. How very Trump of you.

The following day at the recording studio, Ashley has decided she is going to be in charge of recording her album and has taken to bossing Deacon and the other musicians around. When Maddie brings in her coffee, it isn’t right and Ashley snaps at her. Then, Maddie tells her she should be having the time of her life instead of acting like a total jerk face. Ashley kicks her out and says she is going to essentially have her fired. Look, as someone who had interns working for me in the music business, that is a huge no no. Deacon calls Rayna and tells her about Juliette, Junior’s outburst. He wants to talk to Maddie, but is afraid another eruption from him will make her run away again. Seriously, Maddie shouldn’t be this important of a character. Where is Glen? Can we have him back for a while?

When Avery goes to Gunnar and Will’s place, they are celebrating Will and Kevin moving in together. Avery shares the good news of Juliette’s legs and Will suggests that maybe now Avery can focus on himself. Yeah, but if he does that, Juliette won’t be able to destroy him any longer. That wouldn’t be any fun.

Speaking of the devil, Juliette, returns to Hallie’s house to apologize for the car. So, if Juliette is the devil and she called Hallie her angel, this is starting to make more sense. Anyway, Juliette tells her she is afraid the feeling in her legs will go away again. She breaks down crying, telling Hallie that she has been a terrible person her whole life (true) and that she never cared for anyone but herself (true) and she doesn’t understand how she is the only one who survived the plane crash (that rings true for all of mankind, really.) Anyway, Hallie tells her she understands because it seems like God wants her to change. Hallie thinks Juliette should now turn to God. Hey, if it helps Juliette not be Juliette, I’m game. And nice job, CMT, of pandering to your Christian base!

Back at home, Deacon talks to Maddie about getting fired her second day on the job. He also pointed out (recalling her taking the witness stand against him) that she didn’t exactly have a track record of coming to his defense. BURN, DEACON! #TEAMDEACON Anyway, she is going to have to apologize to Ashley if she wants her job back. Rayna later chats with her and tells her that she needs to make things right with Deacon and apologize for tearing out his heart on the witness stand. Maddie goes to Daphne and asks if she thinks she’s turning into a bitch. Daphne STRETCHES the truth and says “a little.” Anywho, Maddie then goes to Deacon and apologizes and says she never believed the things she said at the trial. Madds also goes in and apologizes to Ashley. Eat crow, Juliette, Junior!

As Bucky leaves the office, creepy social media guy is still there and lurking around Rayna’s desk. He steals a small ceramic case with Maddie’s photo on it before he leaves.

Later, Avery is getting Juliette home from an appointment with her doctor, who now says she will walk again. Avery asks her the “us” question. What exactly are they? Married? Dating? When she says she doesn’t know, Avery isn’t okay with it. FINALLY, you are being straight with her, whipping boy. He misses performing and has had to give it up because of her and their kid. NOT an even trade if you ask me.

And that is all for this week, lovies! Check you on the flip flop!




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