NASHVILLE recap: "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye"

It’s time for another fun filled romp in fake Nashville, so put on your big girl panties and let’s go!

Things aren’t looking good for Beverly. Not good at all. She has little to no brain activity and is being kept alive by machines. Deacon is in denial, but ultimately, our little bony cherub, Scarlett, will decide whether or not to pull the plug. The doctors want to do a test to see if it is possible for her to breathe without the help of a bunch of medical gadgets.

Rayna had to leave the hospital because she got a call from Daphne’s school. It seems our little tertiary character is getting in trouble at school for fighting. I am talking throwing punches and that gives her three days suspension. Our little Daph was defending her jailbird pops with a good old fashioned throw down. I might actually start to like this kid.

Avery is still desperately trying to reach Juliette and no one can get her on the phone. Even after meeting with Emily and Glenn, no one seems to be able to track her down. So, he does what he should have done weeks ago. He sees an attorney about divorcing her. #TEAMAVERY The attorney seems to think Avery can get a nice settlement out of Juliette along with alimony, but primary custody of Cadence is going to be a little tougher, even though it’s a clear case of abandonment on Juliette’s part. Abandonment is putting it mildly there, Mr. Lawyer Man.

It looks like Juliette has no one to hang out with except for her tour mate, Puke. That is desperate even for Juliette!! Anyway, they are spending the day together in Indianapolis at the NASCAR race track. No, they’re not catching a race, they are zipping around the track in souped up race cars. Juliette finds it just as lame as the rest of us and suggests they take their act elsewhere. Juliette gets on the phone and turns an empty bar at noon into a party.

Heading over to Kevin’s, Will finds he is in the middle of a songwriting session and they ask him to join. He makes them some margaritas, but still isn’t comfortable, even when it’s made obvious two of the men in the group are a couple. This continues, despite one of the other songwriters being visibly put out by Will’s distance. She tells him she’s battled for ten years against homophobia in country music and now that a true star is out of the closet, he hasn’t done anything. “When the going gets tough, the tough go silent,” she says before leaving. I like this bitch.

In the clink, Teddy is sad and that just means he has yet to drop the soap. Give him time, my lovelies. Anyway, a guard tells him to call his ex-wife. Oh- and did I mention Teddy now has an awful shaggy beard? Uh, Teddy! You’re in jail, not East Nashville! Anyway, Rayna pleads with him to see his daughters. He doesn’t want them to see him behind bars.

Beverly isn’t doing well with the test and Deacon isn’t helping by not facing facts. Scarlett runs to Dr. Hottiepants, who we learned last week was a massive dookie head. He tries to help her with the taking her mom off life support decision. He does tell her it’s a decision she is going to have to make on her own.

Back at the nooner party with Puke and Juliette, she actually uses the term “Fuddy duddy” to describe him. Well, sweetie, at this point, people like him a lot more than you, so take a cue from the fuddy duddy. Anyway, they take the stage to perform at the bar where a band just happens to be playing. At noon. In Indianapolis. Ummm… this is Indianapolis, not Nashville. The Nashville writers have been in town too long to know the difference. Anyway, Juliette performs Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation.” Then, Puke joins her. (Eye roll.)

Its visiting hours at the prison and Daphne, Maddie and Rayna stop by to see Teddy. Maddie wants nothing to do with her quasi-pops, but Daphne is heartbroken when he tells her he is actually guilty of what he is being accused of. Taking a cue from her big sis, she turns and storms out, but not before dropping the necklace her gave her and yelling “I hate you!” Neither brats take it well because as soon as they get home, they start ripping up family photos, tearing daddy Teddy out of every shot. When Rayna catches them, she points out he is still their father. “He is NOT my father!” Maddie yells back. She DOES, have a point, Ray Ray.

Deacon wasn’t party to that fun family moment because he still refuses to leave Beverly’s bedside. Scrawny makes her way over to the hospital chapel and finds the piano. She begins to play and sing. Why can’t she just sing all of her lines?  No accent needed. I just wanted to point that out. I digress. So, in the middle of her song, Gunnar walks in and Scarlett runs into his arms. She pours her heart out to him that she knows Deacon wants a miracle, but for once, she is the one living in reality.

Will is still put out and Kevin agrees with our spunky gal who gave Will a piece of her mind. Will doesn’t want to be the voice for the gay community because he thinks it’s his own business who he does the horizontal mamba with. Kevin understands, but points out that the only way things are going to change is if the LGBT community stands together. But, Will isn’t happy being a poster boy. I am sorry, but he is dead wrong there. I am still waiting on him to make a Will Lexington calendar.

Emily is babysitting Cadence when Avery comes home and she asks him if he is sure he wants a divorce. Avery then tells her what we ALL know. Juliette is the “most selfish, immature, unreliable person on the planet!” He left off narcissistic, stupid and egotistical. Despite it all, Emily reassures him Juliette truly wanted both the baby and him. Emily must have had her sentence cut off because it should have ended with “…to parade around in front of fans and the press.”

Scarlett has made a decision and Deacon isn’t happy with what she wants to do and that is to take Beverly off life support. Is anyone else thinking like this is the Twilight Zone because Deacon is usually the logical one and Scar Scar normally has her head floating in orbit? Deacon points out that Beverly had been in a coma once before and pulled through, but this is different and Scarlett knows it.

Though he is uncomfortable with being in the spotlight as a gay celebrity, Will knows he has a responsibility and he’s scared. He does tell Kevin that he DOES know he loves him and “can’t that just be enough for now?” Sweetest scene EVER. Who wants to come snuggle bunnies with me so we can hit rewind on the DVR a hundred times?

Good thing they got me all built up with the warm and fuzzies because we next see Rayna and the kiddos hanging out in prison waiting to see Teddy. In the spirit of being honest, Rayna thanks him for being a great husband and father. She says she forgives him for his mistakes and then everyone is crying and hugging and apologizing. #VOMIT Teddy then explains he is going to plead guilty and stay in the big house for a spell.

Juliette wakes in a hungover stooper and thinks for a moment she slept with Puke. She IS that dumb. No such luck. Luke instead begins to lecture her about not partying because she has a family at home. He is on to her and saw her ditch Avery and the baby back in Nashville and he also knows she hasn’t seen them at all ever since. Well, it’s about time Captain Oblivious actually noticed something. He sure as hell didn’t notice his fiancée was still in love with Deacon. In Puke’s defense, we are ALL in love with Deacon. Now, I am thinking we need to have a Will and Deacon calendar.

Speaking of Deacon, he can’t bring himself to be at the hospital with Scarlett when they pull the plug on his sister even though he tells Rayna he will go. Instead, he goes to his house and walks around the room Beverly stayed in. He finds an old framed photo on the bedside of him and Beverly when they were kids. That makes him crumble into a mess of tears.

As Avery sits down to sign the divorce papers, Cadence begins screaming and the only thing that will calm her down is the lullaby her parents recorded for her. So, Avery plays it on his phone and the spawn calms down. He puts the papers away unsigned.

Scarlett is by her mom’s side when they take her off life support and we see Scarlett, yet again, devastated. And here’s the thing. Dr. Hottiepants was THERE at the hospital! He wasn’t by her side. That is grounds for immediate kicking to the curb, Scar Scar!!



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