Maddie is shooting a mascara commercial. Her new song is featured in the spot and she has to wear a wetsuit for the ad. Let me guess, Maddie pulls a Scarlett and acts all “this isn’t me” and stomps out like a spoiled brat? But, she must first attend a party held by the mascara people.

Avery is rocking it out on tour and living the musician life while Juliette is at home being a mother and bitching about it. Cadence is getting sick and Juliette isn’t listening to the doctor. When Avery chats with a roadie chick about Juliette, she claims that relationships should be fun. Avery can’t seem to wrap his head around such an idea.

Deacon has been invited to perform as a solo act at the Opry and everyone is acting surprised that happened. Um, CMT, you used to carry the Grand Ole Opry on your channel and you know artists of Deacon’s caliber (Vince Gill comes to mind) in real Nashville play solo at the Opry all the time. I’m fairly certain they have Vincey on the speed dial.

Alyssa is Maddie’s interference runner at the mascara party and can I be honest here? If I were Rachel Bilson, I would be peeved that my character had to play lackey to Maddie. We have been over this, CMT. Less Maddie and more anyone else. I mean literally anyone, by the way. Anyway, the head mascara mucky muck tells Alyssa that Maddie’s song doesn’t fit the commercial and he wants it to be about mascara. I don’t believe this is the type of marketing Alyssa initially pitched to the record label. Anyway, Maddie starts to leave the party, but Alyssa sticks around and does some karaoke. When Maddie stops to hear her sing, she’s not half bad.

In the studio, Jessie tries to talk Deacon into performing at the Opry. Deacon is overwhelmed with running the record label and doesn’t seem to think he has the time.

Shooting the commercial, Maddie is clearly (as I called it) uncomfortable with all of the water falling on her and she’s cold and miserable. The next day, the director isn’t happy with her acting job. Well, welcome to the club, director guy. In the middle of shooting, the mascara people suggest a lyrics change and Maddie won’t change her song. Deacon is rehearsing at the Opry when he gets a call from Zach about Maddie’s meltdown on the set. It seems the mascara people have sunk millions of dollars into this ad campaign. Big mistake to invest in an ungrateful, spoiled, unlikable teenager. Oh- and I called it about Maddie pitching a fit.

When Deacon gets home to talk to her, they both feel overwhelmed, but we must first attend to Maddie. She is crying and feels like she is selling out by changing the lyrics to her song, but Deacon explains that it’s part of the business. He is correct. EVERYONE sells out, Maddie. The next day, Deacon tells Zach she won’t change the lyrics. When Alyssa points out she will be in breach of her contract with the mascara people, he asks Zach who signed the contract. And guess who did? Deacon. Then, Deacon lashes (no mascara pun intended) out at Zach, so Zach gives him an ultimatum. Deacon gets Maddie to do the commercial with the changed lyrics or Zach walks and takes his money with him.

Gunnar is still on tour with Avery and he’s the drummer in his backing band. Damn, Gunnar at the drums suddenly made him hotter. Is that even possible? Anyway, the roadie chick clearly has the hots for Avery, and, once again, he is tempted to cheat on Juliette. Could we please make this show more exciting and have him actually do it? After the show, Gunnar and Avery bellyache to roadie how being in a relationship can be a pain in the ass. When she leaves, Gunnar tells Avery she has the hots for him.

Deacon gathers Will, Scarlett, Gunnar (via Facetime) and Maddie at his house for a meeting about Highway 65 and explains to them what is going on with Zach. Scarlett, Gunnar and Will all agree Maddie should stand her ground. Then, Daphne points out that this is about fear and standing up to fear. I understand why the artists are doing this, but not for Maddie. STOP TRYING TO MAKE HER THE GOOD GUY.

When Juliette finds out about the Highway 65 situation, she calls Avery to find out what he thinks. When he tells her, she needs to figure out how she feels about this particular problem on her own, she thinks he’s mad at her. He tells her to be more independent and she doesn’t understand and hangs up on him. Look Avery, if you aren’t serving Juliette’s needs and kissing her ass, you are of no use to her. I am not sure how that hasn’t sunk in yet.

As Deacon leaves Highway 65, Jessie meets him outside and orders him to get in the car with her even though he claims to have a million things to do. She takes him to Harpeth River State Park and tells him he needs to take an hour to himself. She forces him to get out of the car and just chill in nature. She locks the car door when he gets out, so he takes off down one of the walking trails and begins to appreciate the tranquility of it all. When Deacon lies down for a nap next to the water, he wakes up to find Jessie sitting nearby. And here I was hoping for a wet t-shirt contest starring only Deacon. Back in the car, Deacon unloads on Jessie about getting on with his life and moving on, but he can’t. She asks him if Rayna would want him to be in this much pain.

At Highway 65, Deacon and Zach meet for a showdown in the boardroom with Alyssa there, too. He tells them that the branding idea needs to go away and Zach slams his hands on the table in anger. Zach is super cute when he’s outraged, ya’ll. “We’re just doing what feels right to us,” Deacon says to him. “You should do the same.”

Later, Juliette has a change of heart thanks Avery on the phone for being there for her. When she hangs up, roadie gal tells him he’s a good guy and she hopes Juliette appreciates him. Then, she tells him she’s available if he wants someone a little less complicated. Uh, look, sweetie, EVERY woman in the world is less maintenance than Juliette. Don’t try to make yourself special.

Backstage at the Opry, Maddie is, once again, crying. But, this time, it’s about how proud Rayna would be of Deacon. Ya know, performing at the Opry? Anyway, real life Pam Tillis introduces Deacon, explaining he’s played the Opry over 200 times. Okay, so 200 times should be old hat for Deacon, correct? Look, I’m not saying it’s not an honor to play the Mother Church of Country Music. However, to an artist of Deacon’s caliber it is something he is accustomed to. But, in fake Nashville, up is down and Maddie is somehow a bearable human being.

While performing, Deacon wraps up his performance with a song called (I think) “She’s Everything” and it’s very spiritual and it makes Jessie smile. As Deacon goes to hug her backstage, Daphne notices and isn’t happy with the gesture.

Well, at least we ended things with Daphne and not Maddie. Have a great weekend, my sweeties and do not behave yourselves!



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