The Truth About Love
Pink is no stranger to making songs about empowerment. It’s what I love about her. She seems strong and composes songs that make people get up and strive for better. She can be sweet, angry, and viciously fierce — in a good way, of course. She has remained a pop superstar for a reason: She is good at what she does, which is making catchy music in strong anthems that you can sing to in your car. I was even surprised by a rather decent duet with Fun singer Nate Ruess. I’m a fan of both of them so I how could I not adore it? With that said, this is a good album but definitely not my favorite of hers. My favorite songs on this one are “Are We All We Are,” “Walk of Shame” and “Here Comes the Weekend,” which features Eminem.
Bruno Mars
Unorthodox Jukebox
From the beginning of this CD, I had an instant smile, and it remained throughout the entire thing. This amazing album is bursting with great music. Any music lover will enjoy this. Even though Bruno Mars is the product of our times, there is something wonderfully classic about his music. A few of the songs sounds like tributes to American music throughout the ages. His singing is a mix of soul, pop, and classic R&B. He created a great mix of songs. My only complaint is that the album feels short. This is probably because I enjoyed it so much that I wanted more songs. My favorite tracks are “Treasure” and “Moonshine,” because they have the perfect amount of funk to making cleaning my apartment an enjoyable experience. I also really like the Major Lazer Remix of “Locked Out of Heaven” because it sounds like video game reggae. Why doesn’t that already exist as
a genre?
Blink 182
Dogs Eating Dogs E.P.
(Self Released)
One thing I’ve always loved about Blink 182 is that all of their albums sound quite different from each other. This album continues that trend, but it is still in the style of the trio -- pop, punk, alternative, with just the right amount of melody to stay in your head for the greater part of the day. I’m just happy that they are making music again, so I am more than pleased. I enjoy the fact that both singers have such different voices that the combination is that much more unique. I really like the song “When I Was Young,” but my favorite off this E.P. is the super-catchy song “Dogs Eating Dogs.” If you’re a fan of Blink 182 or pop alternative in general, you should definitely check this one out.
Priyanka Chopra
In My City Remixes, feat.
(2101 Records/Desi Hits/Interscope)
Though the original song isn’t included in this batch of remixes, it’s not hard to do a Google search and find it. I like the beat, but ultimately I found it a touch forgettable. However, some of the remixes are amazing. I really like the “R3hab & Zroq Remix.” I can already hear it at the club in my mind. It’s a gay bar with a sweaty dance floor. I love the “LA Riots Remix” because it has a dubstep style breakdown. The remixes are quite different from the original song, so even if you don’t really like the song, you may still like the remixes. I’ve found myself doing that quite a bit with songs lately, and these are particularly good.

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