The 2007 Nashville PrideFest is drawing closer and closer, and the events surrounding Pride are just as worthy and fun as the big day itself.

For those of you who missed it, Lucky’s Garage held a drag competition to crown Mr. and Ms. Nashville Pride 2007 on Tuesday, May 29. The competition was staged to a packed house, and the contenders put on a great show, along with some guest appearances by Chyna, Regine Phillips, who also emceed the event, and Ms. Nashville Pride 2006, Stephanie Wells, returning to crown Ms. Nashville Pride 2007.

Your new Mr. and Ms. Nashville Pride 2007 are as follows:

Mr. Nashville Pride 2007
Winner: Damien Payne
First Runner Up: Johnny DeMarko
2006 Winner – Buddy

Ms. Nashville Pride 2007
Winner:  Ariana La'Moir
First Runner Up: NeCe Sexton
Second Runner Up: Samantha Star
2006 Winner – Stephanie Wells

Nashville Pride President Todd Grantham had this to say about the event: "Nashville Pride was proud to partner with Lucky's Garage for the 2007 Nashville Pride Pageant.  The pageant was a huge success, with hundreds showing up for the event.  Lucky's team did a fantastic job and we truly enjoyed working with them."

Grantham went on to say this about the support from the community: "Nashville Pride appreciates all the support from the community and looks forward to a fabulous festival this year!"

We decided to attend many of the Pride events leading up to the Festival this year as Hersband and Wife since we are hosting Husband and Himwife, who have traveled from the Gulf Coast to attend Pride with us. We are excited to have them in town to join in all that is Nashville Pride. So far we have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to an exciting PrideFest.

We also visited The Chute's Ultimate Idol competition also held this past Tuesday. They had many great acts and the winner was given not only a medal but $25 cash.

We would like to thank both The Chute and Lucky’s Garage for being gracious enough to allow us entry to cover these events. If you haven’t been to either of these establishments yet, it's definitely worth your time to check them out while in town for PrideFest.

Hersband and Wife

A Nashville welcome...drag style

As we entered Lucky’s Garage with Hersband and Wife, you could feel the Pride and excitement. As visiting Pride attendees, it was quite impressive. The evening of Tuesday, May 29, was one to remember. With PrideFest just a few days away, you could feel the anticipation in the room. The acts were a mixture of drag queens and kings. This was Himwife’s first drag show experience. It was a refreshing change of pace to say the least. All of the acts were very intense and captivating to watch. Each performer added his or her own unique flair.

The acts were composed of men and women showing their true talents of glamor and gloss. Everyone had selected the perfect choice of music. As the performers took the stage and began their numbers, it was emotional to listen to the lyrics, and most of them pointed to acceptance and love.

Damien entranced the crowd with his performance as his glow sticks moved with amazing fluidity to the music. The room was definitely full of support.  Chyna came out to a crowd begging for an encore performance, which she gladly did for her fans. Her performance overwhelmed the audience. We must say that all the evening gowns and costumes were quite stunning.  They ranged from glittery glamor to seductively sizzling.

Currently reigning Ms. Nashville Pride sang the popular song, “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” from the movie Yentl.  She was so passionate in performing the song that one would believe that Barbara herself had taken possession of her body during the performance!

The host of the pageant, Regine Phillips, did an awesome job of strutting her stuff across the stage in her sizzling outfit.  She brought an awed gasp from the audience when she did the splits to close out her act.  What an amazing performance and job she did.  Who could forget that memorable “idjaway” she would give during her pre and post performance dialogues?  How innocuously cute it was, to say the least.

The evening was rounded out by an appearance of Nashville Pride President, Todd Grantham, thanking the community for attending and wishing everyone best wishes for a great time this weekend at Nashville PrideFest.  We walked away from the event feeling a sense of camaraderie from the participation of those involved in this one event and could not wait to participate in the other events leading up to the Nashville PrideFest 2007.

Husband and Himwife
Gulf Coast Mississippi

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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