Lovable Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli to perform at the Ryman

Dubbed  as the "Lovable Queen of Mean" by The New York Times, Lisa Lampanelli is a no-holds-barred insult comic. Her ability to make people laugh at their own stereotypes and differences helped her conquer the club scenes in both New York City and Los Angeles and is now taking her to full-on domination of the world at large.

Her popularity skyrocketed in 2002 when she was the only female comedian invited to skewer Chevy Chase on the NY Friar's Club Roast on Comedy Central. Since then she has become a staple of the Comedy Central Roasts for Jeff Foxworthy, Pamela Anderson and William Shatner.

A cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker and a vial of estrogen, she even won accolades from the "King of All Media" Howard Stern who described her as a "real funny broad."

In addition to her success on Comedy Central, Lisa is a regular on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Howard Stern's Radio show. She appeared on Comedy Central's Last Laugh 2005 and her one-hour special, Take It Like a Man.

As one of the few white comedians to perform on BET's Comic View, Lisa has cemented her huge crossover appeal. Lisa has also taped several specials for VH1, MTV and CMT, and with frequent spots on Sirius satellite radio. She has truly become a cultural icon across all demographics embraced by fans of all creeds, colors, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

Lisa can be see in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, in which she plays a foul-mouthed dirty broad. She also starred in The Aristocrats, in which she played a foul-mouthed dirty comic. This fall, Lisa will tape her new stand-up special, which will air on Comedy Central in the first quarter of 2007. She will also be in the feature Delta Farce starring Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and D.J. Qualls, which is also set for release early next year.

Lisa Lampanelli will perform one night only at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 12 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster and the Ryman Auditorium box-office.

Recently, Lisa Lampanelli spoke to O&AN during an exclusive phone interview while running errands in Los Angeles.

Editor's Note: Warning! This interview contains graphic language and may mot be suitable for everyone or for children. Strong discretion is advised.

O&AN: You have become a big gay icon of late. Some people may even think you are edging out Kathy Griffin a little bit for that place in gay hearts.

LL: Thanks for saying that even though I love Kathy Griffin because she was the first bitch to say that Oprah was a big dyke, which is so true!

O&AN: What did you think of all the trouble she got into for the "Suck it, Jesus" comment?

LL: I loved it! And to me it was totally not trouble at all. Any publicity is good publicity. I’ve been trying to get god damned protested for sixteen years and these blacks and these faggots and these Jews won’t bother with me. Now I’m stuck with deaf people protesting me and no one knows what the hell they are talking about! Kathy knew exactly what she was doing, and I totally applaud her. Jesus is evil anyway because he hates fags.com.

O&AN: You started out as a journalist before trying your hand at stand-up comedy. Why the drastic change?

LL: I got tired of getting paid $12,000 a year! What else was I gonna do? Suck dick on a corner? I stink at it, and I won’t swallow! Lisa Lampanelli can do one thing and do it well: She can say cunt and nigger and faggot, have nobody get pissed off and get a paycheck at the end of the day. That’s what I do cornholer!

O&AN: Why do you think you get a pass when no one else can?

LL: Because I have a lovable nature and a warmth of heart—at least that what my publicist says. I honestly think that if you truly love everybody you can make fun of whoever you want. If it’s somebody you don’t like, then you gotta leave ‘em alone! So basically I go to everybody I love—the blacks and the faggots and the Jew bastards and the spicks—I tend to leave the Europeans alone because they think they are smarter than us, and they really do suck, so I don’t make fun of anyone I truly hate such as them.

O&AN: How does it feel to be doing so well on your tour?

LL: I must say that selling out in all of these markets yet having no love in my life is very difficult. For my art, it’s what I do for love as they sang in A Chorus Line, a show that still has people in legwarmers and I’m doing it for love. I buy lots of bags and purses and houses and shoes so I would say the tour is 100% fabulous despite crying at the end of the day because I’m lonely.

O&AN: Now why in the world would a fab gal like you be lonely?

LL: I have a self-imposed ban on cock for a year. Don’t get excited and think I’m gonna jump onto the tuna boat. I am not! I just decided to take a break from dating for a year so I could figure out why a fabulous creature like myself with Gucci bags and a chinchilla coat and two houses attracts potheads with no checking account. So, this year it’s about getting to know Lisa Lampanelli so I can meet and date an equal—if there is one, my Denzel Washington! Hello!

O&AN: There are a lot of people very excited to see you returning to Nashville. Are you excited to be coming back?

LL:I love Nashville because every time I come there I sell out. I sold out at Zanies every time I came in the past, and I’m only in theatres now—obviously. It’s all about the money not because my record company is there or any of that shit. You fags in Nashville want to give me more money so I can buy more shit and feel guilty? I’m so there!!

O&AN: Are you an attention whore? Are you eating up all of the extra popularity you've gained recently?

LL: I love all of the extra attention I’ve been getting. When a fag calls you up to interview you and when you’re in a massage place you know your life is beautiful. It’s great when I get recognized everywhere. People will walk up to me and ask if I was on Comedy Central last night and I say—very loudly—YES I WAS!!! I never dreamed I would be as popular as I am now, and I better get even more popular soon because I’m tired of not getting recognized! One day I was in Starbucks with Dave Chappell and they recognized him and gave him free coffee. I want my free fucking coffee! They need to know who the real queen is, bitch! It’s LL, son!

O&AN: Any last words before we go?

LL: Tell those fags in Nashville that Lisa Lampanelli needs to get laid in Nashville so some big black cowboys need to come out and bang me, okay?

O&AN: So noted!

Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

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