How did you become interested in fashion? Who are some of your inspirations and mentors?

I have always been a fan of clothing and fashion. Growing up touring in rock bands I idolized Keith Richards, Tom Petty, Axel Rose. Always admiring their strength and godlike personas, I too wanted the confidence they had to pull off those looks with such ease on and off the stage. Wanting to wear clothing like I saw my favorite artists wearing, I started making my own clothing. Buying clothes and altering them till I had the perfect piece. Stage clothes, on and off the stage. Buy, rip, wear. After time went by I started getting better at it. I started getting compliments and more and more people were asking where I got it. I decided to start my own brand. I fell in love with fashion more than I ever thought possible. I found a passion I never knew I had in me.


How would you describe your style?

Justin Mark Richards is rock n’ roll clothing that’s one of a kind, never replicated, and can be worn on and off stage. Taking hints from old Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame pieces with some current, handmade, hand-painted flare. With custom clothing, you can really express your true self with confidence.


Who are some Nashville-based fashion and entertainment leaders who have been influential in your work?

Being a full time touring guitar player for Dan + Shay, I have the opportunity to meet some pretty incredible people who have really helped me out in the fashion world. Karen Fairchild (Little Big Town) played a huge part in getting my foot in the Nashville fashion door. I made her a jacket and she introduced me to Marcia Masulla. Marcia has been such a blessing. Chrissy Ballard (Old Smokey Boots) has been a rad friend and inspiration I can always bounce off ideas with and get help from any time I need it. I am so glad I get to be a part of the Nashville fashion family.


For more on Justin Richards and his brand, check out his social media at:

· Website:

· Facebook: Justin Mark Richards

· Twitter: @JustinBrighten

· Instagram: @JustinMarkRichards





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