July Horoscopes

Aries.  3/21 - 4/19
Being a sign that enjoys adventure and certainly eager for new experiences, this is the month to get out of town. There are many negative patterns that are just down the street if you stay here. The good side of staying here is that you’ll order bottles of wine instead of glasses. Good idea at the moment but not when you wake up and see what you brought home with you.

It would be more favorable to go to a place that you’ve been to before or else a place you’ve always wanted to go to. Your flirtatious nature would indicate you wouldn’t be alone for long. While you may have your trip all mapped out another person has a more exciting plan for you to follow. Give up the ego and be a follower. You may fall in love while you’re there but remember you have a tendency to jump to conclusions. Unfortunately, with that attitude you make a lot of bad choices. So, enjoy the opportunity to laugh, love, and even talk with a person that’s going to give you a cardiovascular workout. Then jump on the plane and get back to reality. Send flowers and a Hallmark card but that’s it.

Taurus. 4/20 - 5/20
You are the rock of all the signs. Dependable, responsible, accountable and mature beyond your years. Everyone respects and admires you. With the planet Mars, the planet of action, in your sign for the month of July, a time to get out of the lazy-boy and get things done that have been on the back shelf. Ask for a raise, go into business or tell that special someone your in love with them.

Don’t take no for an answer. A time that all your hard work can pay off. Art, music and money bring excitement in the last two weeks. The first couple of weeks you’re a little reckless, that’s not like you. You need to take in a concert, theater, or just head to one of the local nightspots. You need to interact with others. While you appear to be conservative you’re actually a very passionate person. You just need more than 2 minutes of foreplay. Get out and spend some money on the home as well as get some new clothes. Do you really think that what your wearing is still in style? Be a little be more spontaneous, the sign of Virgo wants to sit in your lap and hand feed you chocolate, how erotic. Try it on for a while and see how it fits.

Gemini. 5/21 - 6/21
You are the dual personality. You’re charismatic, versatile and smart. The other side of you is restless, moody and garrulous. No matter which side of you is expressing the self, you do it in a very charming way. The month of July brings out the restless side. Not a time to be impulsive or do things on the spur of the moment just because you can’t sit still. Your recklessness can bring loss and separation. Not a time for my way or no way attitude. Take time and listen to what other people are saying. Remember to be charming.

You put pressure on yourself to hurry up and get things done. Calm down or someone is going to give you a time out. It's a great month for contracts, agreements, or buying a new car or house. There's money in the bank. The social life can be exciting as long as you’re charming. You meet people 7 to 10 years younger than you. People that still have a hard body. How fun is that. Remember you’re the fantasizer of the zodiac; take a walk on the wild side.

Cancer. 6/22 - 7/22
You approach life with a warm heart, and a kind, loving and sympathetic nature. Relationships, family and friends play a major role in your life. July brings one expectation after another. This is a month to broaden your horizons. Start with taking out family and friends to dinner. With your taste buds you know where the best food is at, no matter what the critics say. Then try and get out of town for a few days or you may have some friends fly into see you. You’re a great host and all will remember this time.

There’s a person that needs your forgiveness. This is difficult because you don’t forget or forgive. Your call, you’re the one that’s got to live with yourself. Oh! It’s your birthday and of course everyone wants to share it with you. Sounds like a party. Wait till you open up all those presents. One last thing, the love life. It’s going to be more than the temperature that makes you sweat. Your libido is working overtime. Thank goodness you have intimate friends.

Leo. 7/23 - 8/23
You are a very magnetic sign. It’s just not the long blond hair that people are drawn to, it’s because others respect your authority and will follow you to the end of time. You are a fixed sign so you are determined and display a confident demeanor. The month of July brings in lovers from the past. Don’t fall prey to this seduction. It’s flattering but you need to remember that the past needs to be boxed up and put in the attic. Not a time to make emotional assessments. Relationships started within the last 6 to 9 months become very taxing. Look at the reality of it, and what does common sense say to do. Grab the box of Kleenex.

It would be better if you could get out of town but I don’t think your going to able to pull that off. Think about just a couple of days, that would be helpful. It’s a very sympathetic time for you bordering on being gullible and naïve. Watch your back and question everything. All is not what it appears to be. Volunteer your time to some organization. The life is in a state of chaos. Even so, people are very attracted to you but it would be better for you to experiment and explore. Don’t worry about security right at the moment. Let them treat you like the queen that you are. Even if it’s just for a day.

Virgo. 8/24 - 9/22
Like Gemini, you’re a person of intelligence. Very logical, analytical, and if someone wants to know what’s wrong you are an excellent critic. The more stress in the life the more perfection in the results. You need deadlines. The month of July is a time of updating. Paint some walls, hang some wallpaper, plant some flowers and by all means get to Green Hills Mall and spend some money on yourself. Use the coupons, they have deadlines.

On a more serious note, for the next few months there’s some psychological toxins and contaminates left over from childhood or adolescence that needs to be vented. Talk to a best friend or the person that caused it or even make an appointment with a Reiki healer. You need to move on so that you have a clearer perception of the self and life. With the planet Mars, the planet of sex in the sign of Taurus, we need to talk about the love life. When you least expect it people are asking you for your phone number or giving you their business card. Take a break from the logical world you live in and go out for dinner, theater, and of course drinks because you need to loosen up. You’re not a sign of the one nightstand but follow your emotions this month and don’t over analyze what to do, who with and why. Just do it.

Libra. 9/23 - 10/23
You are the most endearing of all the signs. Life is all about making other people happy. You’re in love with love and the word hate is not in your vocabulary. It’s all about balance and harmony. You need to hear both sides of an issue. This is why you have so many friends. Beauty inside and out. July is a month filled with joy and happiness in interacting with others socially or intimately. Investments pay off much better than expected. Time to spend some of that money on you. Get your hair and nails done. Go shopping for new clothes to put on that beautiful body of yours.

You have so many people around you that just adore you. So let’s get out and socialize with them. Let them pick up the tab, they want to please you even if they can’t have you. You can flirt will the best of the them but that’s all you’re ever going to be guilty of. Even when others just throw themselves at you and say take me now. Sometimes you’re just too noble. The intimate relationship you are in becomes more sensuous this month; it’s all about love not just the sex.

Scorpio. 10/24 - 11/22
You are a sign that is either loved or hated. Being one of the adamant signs, you love to dominate. You love being on top in more ways than one. You’re very shrewd, intense, passionate and esoteric. You’re the bad boy or girl that everyone falls in love with. The month of July will test your resolve. Step back and please count to ten. You’ll feel better about that later. People are jealous or even envious of you. They don’t understand, nobody gives you anything. You work hard for everything you have.

It’s important to be as indiscrete as possible with relationships. Your conduct could be misinterpreted or you could get caught with your pants down. No wonder you’re the sign of sex. You need to start moving from the base chakra to the crown chakra. During the next few months try and relax and open yourself up to others. What is it about your sign that says tell me all about yourself but you don’t reveal anything. Someone does want to have a deep relationship with you so quit playing and get real.

Sagittarius. 11/23 - 12/21
You are the most honest of all the signs. Principles and integrity are an integral part of your personality. You dislike players and liars. July brings out another characteristic of yours, which is travel. Excellent time for a vacation. But you need to go beyond the mundane boundaries of life and head for Europe or Australia. It’s a lucky time so maybe even Vegas or at least a lottery ticket. Legal judgements are ruled in your favor and of course weddings and formal parties are on the agenda. Thank goodness you’re a social butterfly.

You get into some very stimulating conversations in which the body becomes stimulated. People do become attracted to your intellectual charm. So you may get into some very late nights. And don’t worry about them taking off in the middle of the night. There’s much more talking to be done in the next few months. Your best friend gets a little jealous here because you’ve met someone so see if there’s a friend that you can fix him or her up with. Those that are already in a relationship could find themselves putting on an engagement ring. All communications brings laughter and faith in you and others.

Capricorn. 12/22 - 1/20
You are the sign that will work and work and work. But one day, and it does take time with your sign, you will own that business. You are determined to achieve success. The month of July is ruled by the sign of Cancer, your opposite. So, expect differences of opinion with everybody. It’s easy to say you should try and compromise with them but it would be much easier to just do what they want and go where they want to go. It’s not like a way of life here.

It’s a time to stop after work and have a drink with friends. You have to get out and play even if it’s just for a few hours. So loosen the tie and relax. Someone may want you to drive him or her home because they’ve had too much to drink. And they don’t want you to take the shortcut. Have some discipline here; you don’t carry guilt well at all. As well as you’re a terrible liar. Keep romance out of the office.

Aquarius. 1/21 - 2/18
You are the humanitarian of the zodiac. No personal prejudices at all. You’re usually cheering for the underdog and take the opposite side of any issue. You’re the sign that will bring democracy back to our capitalistic society. The month of July brings that long awaited promotion or opportunities to change jobs. Time to act, it could be a risk not to take the risk. Don’t let anyone stand in your way of progress.

Change is all about excitement and enthusiasm. Gives a great attitude. Be impulsive and do things your not suppose to do. Belly button ring or tattoo. You’re magnetic this month so more than one person will test your loyalty. You’re so tactful with them that you’re able to create a new friend instead of an unwelcome lover. If there’s no one in your life then this is a great month to break all the rules and be the bad girl or boy.

Pisces. 2/19 - 3/20
Your just a romantic. You’re sensual, empathetic, intuitive and psychic by nature. You’re very impressionable because you have faith in others. Your heart can take some mortal wounds because of this. July is one of your better months. Being spiritual by nature start to Feng Shui your home inside and out. You’re very creative so pick up the paintbrush or pen and paint that canvas or write that book or article.

Go to the Frist Friday, art and music together. Good chance to meet people with similar interests. The planet Uranus is in your sign until 2012. It causes the element of surprise. It strikes without warning. Be a little bit more forward in your attitude and get out of that cave you’ve been hiding in. You can meet someone that may be love at first sight. Time to make emotional assessments and let your heart do the talking. And if you feel and that is the important word here, like staying overnight, that dream becomes the tangible reality. Do I hear an Amen.

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