Jawbone...not your ordinary Bluetooth

by Curt Bucy
Gadget Guru

We’ve all experienced it – your buddy calls you and all you can hear is the noise of the car, other people talking and the wind. You tell him you are having trouble hearing and he says, “Oh yeah – I’m on my Bluetooth headset.” Enough said. Well now there is an alternative! The new Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset is the solution to all these problems.

On top of being one of the most stylish headsets I’ve ever seen, it’s also the most functional. We’ll start with the best feature of all – the noise canceling technology. Aliph developed the technology for DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency) using military standards; it employs “Noise Shield Technology” to block out almost all the ambient noise. It continues to change and adapt to the user 500 times a second! It works by identifying your speech, removing the ambient noise and then adjusting the audio to deliver the best quality possible. It’s truly amazing. I tested the headset and annoyed all my friends with different environments – noisy restaurants, walking in harsh wind, kids screaming, etc. The answer was the same every time – “You sound perfectly clear!”

The design is amazing. The headset is ergonomically shaped to contour to your face. It includes different ear clips and earbuds to ensure proper fit. Its industrial look is very sleek and functional. There are no buttons visible. The on/off button is hidden beneath the metal casing and the volume button is integrated into the casing itself. Another cool feature is the adjustable charger, which works with an electrical outlet or with a plugged-in laptop using the included USB cord. It also comes in three cool colors: silver, black and red. I tested the red model – very classy and striking. It works with all Bluetooth compatible phones – regardless of carrier.

Available in Cingular (the new AT&T) wireless stores nationwide and online at http://www.jawbone.com. Retail is $119.99, and it’s worth every penny.

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