With the holiday season just around the corner, I wanted to send you some product information for any upcoming holiday promotions or gift guides you may be planning.

Woozie combines function and fashion with its top-quality neoprene insulators for stemmed beverage glasses, which are designed to keep drink temperatures constant during summer or winter, both indoors and out.

Colorful, customizable and distinctive in design, Woozies are portable, stretchable, washable, foldable and reusable. With the recent addition of coordinating wine and entertaining accessories like acrylic trays with interchangeable liners, bottle bags and stoppers, Woozie products are ideal personalized presents for friends and family, stockings stuffers, and hostess gifts for holiday parties.

Woozie products can be purchased online at woozie.com and at a variety of retailers throughout Tennessee.


The Museum of the American Cocktail publishes a concise pocket guide which serves as a crash course on mixing drinks. ($7.95).


Rabbit Wine Bottle Aerator/Pourer - $29.95 at Crate and Barrel

No more waiting for red wine to breathe! Thanks to Metrokane’s Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer you can open and serve your next bottle of wine immediately. This sturdy plastic pourer with transparent aerator offers easy and uncomplicated pouring. Simply insert the Rabbit aerating pourer into a wine bottle as you would a conventional pourer. You don’t need a separate aerator. Then watch and listen. The aeration occurs as you pour your wine, enhancing its flavor and bouquet.

 Wine and Food Cookbook - $29.95 at Williams-Sonoma

This approachable guide offers a broad overview of wine that focuses on general styles – rather than the minutiae of specific varietals and regions – to help simplify wine-and-food pairings. Author Joshua Wesson, owner of the Best Cellars wine shop in Manhattan, divides wines by their characteristics (sparkling, crisp, soft and rich white wines; rosé wines; three groups of red wine; and dessert wines) and profiles each type. More than 50 recipes are included.

Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine - $35 at Amazon.com

Unquestionably unique, demonstrably delightful, Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine is the culmination of one of the most extraordinary careers in the world of wine. Michael Broadbent quite possibly knows more about fine, old wines than anyone else alive, and he writes about them with unparalleled expertise.
Hired by Christie's in 1966 to revive their wine auctions, Broadbent threw himself into his work, searching out great collections of the world's finest wine--and keeping meticulous tasting notes. Here are evocations of Chateau d'Yquem from 1784--one of Thomas Jefferson's favorites--and hundreds of vintages and thousands of wines right up to the present.

Vacu Vin Prestige Wine Cooler - $29.99 at Amazon.com

Chill wine instantly without ice with this elegant Prestige stainless steel wine cooler from Vacu Vin. It holds a reusable Rapid Ice cooling element that can chill a bottle within 5 minutes and keep it cool for hours. Simply place the Prestige wine cooler in the freezer, take it out, and insert your wine bottle for quick chilling--no ice, no water, no wet label to fall off, and no wasted space in your refrigerator.

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

When I was 14 years old, I surreptitiously made my way through the stacks in the local library until I came to the Psychology section. One after one, I took down the books whose titles I thought would provide an answer, went to the table of contents and, if there were any, I flipped to the pictures.

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Often, these resolutions are vague, like “lose weight” or “exercise more”, and way too often they begin with a gym contract and end with Netflix and a bag of takeout. Getting specific can help in holding yourself accountable for these commitments, though. So we thought it might be interesting to talk with a local gay trainer, James Mai, about his fitness journey, his work as a trainer and how he keeps himself motivated, and get some of his suggestions for carrying through on this year’s fitness resolutions!

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