Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader, $139 to $379

Despite all the competition, the Kindle remains a popular ebook reader choice. It has a crisp display, great battery life, and a zippy interface.

There are Wi-Fi-only, Wi-Fi+3G, and extra large DX versions of the device available.

A Rare Book, $.01 to $1,000,000

Reference Modern Library's list of the 100 Best Novels to make a classic pick for your bibliophile.

The Great Gatsby, 1984, The Sun Also Rises---all here, and all wonderful selections for the reader's pleasure.

Moleskine Ebook Reader Covers, $35 to $60

Moleskine's official iPad and Kindle covers are available through AbeBooks and Alibris.

Zelco “itty bitty” Slim LED Booklight

Slim LED booklight has dual LED bulbs that are optically designed to distribute even light on both pages. Gooseneck is fully retractable and can be positioned at any angle. One touch on / off button. Slide button to release stainless steel clip. The stainless steel clip attaches to the spine of books, binders, day planners and much more.

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language

If big is better, the unabridged Webster's Third New International Dictionary is among the best. Weighing 12.5 pounds and measuring 4 inches thick, its 2,662 pages define more than 450,000 words spanning "a" to "zyzzogeton," including words ("disselboom" for instance) not found in other dictionaries, plus clear definitions, comprehensive etymologies, interesting asides, literary usage quotes, and a comfortable typeface.

Custom gift books

Founded in 1983, The Beveled Edge custom frame shop and gift store is a leader in Nashville's custom framing industry. Their extensive book selection delights many customers who seek the out-of-the-ordinary humorous and quirky.  Subjects for our titles include sports & leisure, pets, entertaining, art, travel, fashion and more.

Storage options

Since 2010, Old Made Good (OMG) has offered a handpicked collection of vintage and locally made goods. The East Nashville store features totes, wire baskets and handbags that you can use to store your beloved books. Check out their supply of men's and women's clothing so you can dress to impress in the coffee shop of your choice!


By Scott Pasfield

224 pages, 9¼ x 11½ Hardcover


100 Photographs and Autobiographical Profiles of 140 American Men Who Just Happen To Be Gay Reveal Unstereotypical Lives Far From the Gay Pride Parade Route

Joan Rivers, Colin Farrell, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are among the many stars who’ve been photographed by New York City celebrity photographer Scott Pasfield, but for his moving new coffee table book Gay In America, Pasfield stepped out of the limelight and into the homes and the lives of 140 gay American men in all 50 states. A great gift for gay men and those who love them, give the book Michael Musto of the Village Voice calls, “Sprawling, moving, and inspiring cross section" and about which Lynn Evarts of the America Library Association raves, “This is one of the most important gay books a library can offer teens.” Available at, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound.

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

When I was 14 years old, I surreptitiously made my way through the stacks in the local library until I came to the Psychology section. One after one, I took down the books whose titles I thought would provide an answer, went to the table of contents and, if there were any, I flipped to the pictures.

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James Mai

Many of us have made resolutions and pledged ourselves to transforming some aspect, or aspects, of our lives. For some, these resolutions will involve career, budget, home ownership, etc., but for a LOT of us, they will involve various health, exercise and fitness goals.

Often, these resolutions are vague, like “lose weight” or “exercise more”, and way too often they begin with a gym contract and end with Netflix and a bag of takeout. Getting specific can help in holding yourself accountable for these commitments, though. So we thought it might be interesting to talk with a local gay trainer, James Mai, about his fitness journey, his work as a trainer and how he keeps himself motivated, and get some of his suggestions for carrying through on this year’s fitness resolutions!

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