With this famous quote, the great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw has been inspiring many folks to enhance their lives. Your life and the lives of those around you always improve when you just believe in the circumstances you want … and then use that to achieve. AIDS Walk 2012 is about to rise over the horizon, and you can create many circumstances that can be beneficial to many.
There was a time when you could find a way to get out of walking three miles in gym class. You could have your mom write a note to the P.E. teacher about some malady that afflicted you suddenly overnight. Coach Ballbreaker could see through your malingering ways, but that note was golden and it kept you safely on the sidelines in your street clothes.
But today you can create a circumstance where you raise money through the AIDS Walk and help others get back to those days of hope and happiness. Get out there and walk those three miles!
There was a time when SAVE Inc., Good Samaritan Project, Kansas City Free Health Clinic and Hope Care Center did not exist and were not necessary. Those days of yesteryear are gone. People still need help as they battle HIV and AIDS. The calendar has marched on through the decades, but the cure has remained elusive.
Gather a team together and use your synergy to make a difference in the lives of your fellow neighbors. Create the circumstance of goodwill through your munificence.
Once upon a time, most of us would not have known someone affected by HIV and AIDS. Today we all are touched by a person who has not only been touched but has succumbed to this killer. Honor the memory of someone who died too soon. Donate money in his or her name, and walk with your honoree through the streets of Kansas City. Make the circumstance where your friend or loved one once again has a voice and is not forgotten.
It used to be that you would walk three miles each day and never really even think too much about the accomplishment. It was a means to keeping yourself looking good and feeling even better when you swaggered around town. That car accident in Overland Park nearly five years ago has left you with partial paralysis in your left leg and you rely on the assistance of a walking stick. There is still a place for you in AIDS Walk as a volunteer. Create that circumstance of helping those who want to help others. Volunteer!
There’s nothing like incentives to get people moving in the right direction. We all need goals to keep us excited about raising funds for worthwhile projects. AIDS Walk has some fun carrots to get you nudging your fundraising horse to the finish line. But don’t just set your sights on the piggy bank or the tailgate chair. Those are for amateurs! Go for the gold and make that circumstance of achieving the dinner package at the Sheraton Suites Country Club Plaza. I can be your plus one for that dinner date!
Today can be that yesterday that you will point to for the rest of your life. Today is the day you started to make it happen! Get signed up for AIDS Walk today and create that circumstance of helping others while bettering your own wellness in the process. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
This health and wellness article is brought to you by that guy who will tell no lies if he is asked no questions. That guy of creative candor is Ron Blake and he can be reached at myblakefitness.com.

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