You never truly live until you’ve almost died. The healthiest thing you can do after a close call with death is to go out and live your life to the fullest. Anyone who has been through this does not need to be told. You know what is important in life right after that terrifying moment, whatever it may be.
Death is on the roadways. It pushed that ladder off the construction truck that was in front of you today while you drove to work on the freeway. The ladder bounced once and flew up over your hood and just past your windshield. You could have been killed at 70 mph. But physics worked for you. You forgot all about the problem with your cold coffee.
You were just happy to be alive.
Death is in the doctor’s office. It came as the doctor reported a brain tumor that gave you a year or less to live. It read like a scary novel and had you shaking throughout several chapters. Then it left, as the doctor called later that day and said there was a mix-up with your records. You only had a concussion and your headache seemed to fade away with the incorrect paperwork. You were just happy to be alive.
Death is in the airplane at 35,000 feet. It dropped your 737 jet in a nosedive for nearly 20 seconds before releasing its icy grip on the plane. It dropped all the oxygen masks, which were left dangling there even after the plane leveled off. You forgot all about your late departure time and the meeting you were going to miss. You were just happy to be alive.
Death is in the city park next to the pine tree. It sent a bolt of lightning through the evening sky and into the man standing next to you during the thunderstorm. It took his life and spared you and three others who were caught unexpectedly out in the microburst. You suffered burns and your ears were ringing for several days. The doctors said it could have been worse. You knew that and were just happy to be alive.
Death is in your conference room at work. It shot a heavy pain to your chest and sent you tumbling to the carpeting. It stopped your heart and breathing for several minutes. Your colleagues were there to perform CPR until paramedics arrived. The doctors said it was a heart attack.
Your family was gathered by your hospital bedside, and you were just happy to be alive.
Don’t wait until death knocks on your door. The healthiest thing you can do at this very moment is to know that you are alive. Make the most of your life and be happy for what you have. It’s amazing while you have it!
This wellness article is brought to you by that guy in the right place at the right time. He is Ron Blake and his guardian angel can be thanked at

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