The New Year is full of hope, happiness, and wellness for us all ... if we’re willing to grab hold of it. And I’m starting 2016 with that in mind. I will tell you what I’m doing, and my great hope is that it will inspire you to do awesome and healthy things in your life, too.

Some of you might know that I suffered a severe trauma in my life and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I was sexually assaulted. There were three people that were involved that entered my home one night when I was asleep and sick. It nearly cost me my life. The PTSD became severe over this last year, and I tried to take my life on May 30, 2015, because of the repeated nightmares.

Now I’m taking back my life in a fun way.

On Nov. 12, I started a new chapter in my time on this Earth. I decided I wanted a big, ambitious goal and I wanted to get out of my home and meet a lot of new people. My doctors had been encouraging me to get out and start engaging with people in the world again so that I would not continue to perseverate on the trauma I experienced.

For my big, ambitious goal, I decided that I want to get on to
he Late Show with Stephen ColbertT as a guest. I want to tell my story, but much more important, let everyone know that there is indeed hope and happiness on the other side of PTSD. I love this show and thought this would be a great way to have fun and would give me a goal and something to look forward to each day.

I decided to go out all over the Phoenix, Arizona, area (where I live) each day and ask people to sign words of support on my 30-by-40-inch foam poster boards. These will help me get the attention of The Late Show in New York and will document all the people who want me to be on the show. This satisfied my objective of getting out and meeting a lot of new people.

As of Jan. 7, I have met 3,600 new people that I’ve approached. They have signed my posters in nine cities and three states over 57 days. (I took a trip back to the Chicago area for Christmas to visit family and friends). I have taken 716 pictures with people I’ve met and I post these photos on Instagram.

People have written words of support in 26 languages on 47 of my giant petition boards. They have also shared artwork, poetry, and inspiring stories on these boards and have used 12 Sharpie markers that I have given them. It’s become a truly happy and amazing project.

I have a Facebook page (Blake Late Show) and an Instagram account (@Blake Late Show). You can also view my short video on YouTube called “Blake Late Show” that introduces my idea to everyone.

I’ve encouraged my family and friends to send emails to The Late Show in support of getting me on as a guest to tell my story. The email is

You can help me get on the show by sending an email and simply asking them to put Blake on The Late Show. I want to tell my story of recovery, hope, and great fun while bringing awareness to PTSD.

My New Year’s resolution is just to have fun and keep going until I get on The Late Show. I sure hope this helps so many of you who have also experienced a trauma in your life. Never, never, never give up.
This wellness article is brought to you by that guy with dreams of New York City. That guy is Blake and he can be found watching “The Late Show” at

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