'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys' films in Nashville

Sundance Channel announced today that the second season of the hit series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys will be set in Nashville. New episodes of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys are slated to premiere in late 2011.

According to a press release:

These dynamic and dramatic southern women are eschewing tradition with a rebel yell and partnering up with their gay BFFs – sharing laughter, love and support with one another as they experience life’s big milestones. From married women to single dads, the new season will feature subjects from all walks of life. Against a backdrop of country music, the military, and religious fervor, these couples stick by each other to be uniquely themselves. From chasing romance to pursuing a career and from steering a family to navigating high society, each dramatic relationship unfolds as an authentic, unscripted tribute to lasting friendship.

"Each of these couples is determined to live life on their own terms,” said Michael Klein, Sundance Channel’s Senior Vice President of Original Programming & Development. “Shooting this series in what can be considered smack in the middle of the Bible Belt provides these couples with an interesting set of challenges, but in the end, we see how these relationships flourish and grow even stronger. It demonstrates that the life-long bonds between a straight woman and a gay man can flourish and thrive all over the country."

The couples are:

Tenisha Jackson and Jared Allman- Memphis native Tenisha has been writing since the age of six and hasn’t stopped. She continues to pursue her dream of being an author, having launched an urban book series “The Diamond Life,” based on the misguided youths she encountered as a child in Memphis, and later her personal experiences as a college student who associated with celebrities and pro athletes. Jared, on the other hand, grew up Mormon on a 500-acre farm in East Tennessee. It was during a college study-abroad program in Vietnam when Jared began to blossom as a confident gay man rather than the closeted Mormon he had been most of his life. When he came out to his father at age 22, his father called him “sick” and vowed to help him “get better.” Jared moved to Nashville, hasn’t looked back, and has since has found success in the music business as an agent, and is currently engaged to his boyfriend of three years. Years ago, while Tenisha was working as a waitress in Nashville, a co-worker introduced her to Jared, and despite the stark differences in their upbringing, Tenisha and Jared felt an immediate connection and have been best friends ever since.

Kristin Sabata and Peter Depp-Kristin and Peter met on an online dating site before he came out of the closet. They shared one passionless kiss and both knew they were destined to be best friends. Alaskan born and New York-raised Kristin is a school psychologist and has a fiancée who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. She says that without having Peter around she would be a total basket case. Peter is a stand-up comic and the father of three children from a prior marriage to a woman. He is not planning on settling down any time soon as he believes now is the time for him to sow his wild oats and figure out what dating men is all about.

Sherrie Austin and Shane Stevens-Both singer-songwriters, Shane and Sherrie met while doing a Broadway show. Australian-born Sherri is a former actress who appeared on series such as the Facts of Life and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She has enjoyed a successful songwriting career, having penned hits for the likes of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and George Strait, and was even previously signed herself as an artist to Arista Records, enjoying a top-15 hit in 2003 with “Streets of Heaven.” She is hoping to stage a solo-career comeback when she releases her own album “Circus Girl,” independently later this year. Shane recently celebrated his first number one hit as the co-writer of Lady Antebellum’s smash-hit “American Honey,” and has also been on records for household names such as Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks and Jo Dee Messina. Like Sherri, Shane also has his sights set on launching a solo pop project later this year. Shane is a self proclaimed “Jesus Freak in a red state” who spends at least two hours each morning praying and has been in a relationship with his partner Matt for six years. Tension has been mounting recently, though, over Matt introducing Shane to his family.

Olivia McCarthy and Brent Oscar Young-Born to an influential family and raised in Nashville, Olivia is a true southern belle, now married to a Bostonian, raising two young daughters. She met Brent, one of Nashville’s “25 Most Beautiful People,” according to Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, at a philanthropic event and they’ve been inseparable since. While she owns two healthy quick-serve restaurants and is also set to launch a glossy regional magazine, Ncompass Nashville, this year, Brent recently started his own event, promotions and publicity company and will be working with Olivia on the magazine launch. Brent’s living situation is also about to change. When his roommate’s anger issues got out of control, Brent asked him to move out, and is hoping that will make room for a new relationship in his life.

Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

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