Rivendell Media has released its popular, annual Gay Press Report to reveal that spending in America’s “Gay Press” for 2013 is at a record high of $381.4 million, up 18.2% from 2012 and showing that LGBT community media is as strong as ever.

Spending and circulation in LGBT print media is up for 2013-- bucking the trends in the mainstream press.  Actual spending is up just over 18% from 2012 to $381.4 million making a new all-time high.  Circulation and readership of LGBT media is also up a healthy 15.1%. 

“What a nice surprise to see both sales and circulation up by double digits” says Todd Evans, President and CEO of Rivendell Media.  The LGBT print media once thought to be recession proof, was significantly affected by the recession and advertising showed wide swings from its previous high in 2009 of $349.6 million.

Rivendell Media, the leading media representation firm for most LGBT publications in the US, reports that spending for 2014 should continue its growth based on impressive first-quarter sales for print advertising.

“Print media remains an important part of the toolkit for any company trying to reach the diverse LGBT community,” said Tracy Baim, publisher of Windy City Times in Chicago.  “This report shows that regional LGBT print media are especially key to national advertising campaigns.  The LGBT community is among the most loyal of consumers, and they pay attention to brands that are creative and inclusive in their marketing efforts.  It’s no longer good enough to say you have achieved a 100% ranking on LGBT issues.  Brands need to dedicate marketing dollars to this niche, to fully communicate their diversity goals and to see a return on investment.”

“America’s gay newspapers and publications so often are the heart of the LGBT community,” said Bob Witeck, President of Witeck Communications.  “It is very encouraging to see the growth trends and resiliency of the community’s legacy press.”  Since 1993, Bob Witeck has advised major corporations and marketers on strategies to connect with LGBT audiences and households.

The Gay Press Report has been produced annually since 1994 and provides a unique historical perspective on the gay and lesbian press and consumer market.  To view the 2013 report in its entirety, please click here.

Among the other findings in the 2013 Gay Press Report:

·      9 out of every 10 dollars spent in the gay press is spent locally.  The gay press is comprised primarily of trusted community-owned businesses that reflect the specific need, interests and tastes of their readership.

·      In 2013, America’s gay and lesbian publications consisted of 125 individual titles, roughly the same size as 2012 with an addition of only 3 titles.

·      The combined circulation of all LGBT publications is now estimated at 2,700,000, up 15.1% from 2012.




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