First ever Pride + Joy Foundation LGBTQ+ Family and Influencer Summit

The Pride and Joy Foundation is a Phoenix-based non-profit organization working to reduce the rate of suicide and homelessness within the LGBTQ+ community. As part of their mission, the registered 501(c) is hosting its first annual LGBTQ+ Influencer and Family Summit on May 22 and 23rd, 2021. The event will be completely virtual and will be hosted in a groundbreaking, brand new platform which features full audio and visual capabilities. 

The virtual summit will stage a "Planet Pride" platform

Each participant will enter a virtual realm called “Planet Pride” and will have the ability to navigate our incredibly robust platform using an alien-shaped avatar. Aside from the incredible experience the platform provides, what makes this event so impactful is the opportunity it affords for connection in a time when most of us, especially the LGBTQ+ community, have been so painfully disconnected and have felt alone. 

The summit will be broken up into two days and will cover a range of topics. 

Day 1: Influencer Day will be dedicated to topics such as: 

  • Being visible as an LGBTQ+ person online and how to navigate the challenges it brings
  • Navigating alternate career paths (ditching the 9-5) 
  • How social media has changed the game for LGBTQ+ folks, especially during COVID
  • Fostering connections, queer community, and making business friends 

Some of the incredible speakers on that day include: Barry Brandon (Queer Indigo), Rocio Sanchez, Bree Pear (of Only Human here in Phoenix), Court & Lex of TikTok fame, Beltrán who will present in Spanish with a live interpreter, and the closing keynote will be the inimitable Morgen Bromell, CEO of Thurst.

Day 2: Family Day will cover topics for all ages including: 

  • Planning an LGBTQ+ wedding
  • Parenting LGBTQ+ children 
  • Family planning
  • Gender Identity 
  • Coming out early in life 
  • Navigating corporate and other work settings as a queer person 

Some of the incredible Family Day speakers include Mx. Harris Hill, Kirsten Palladino of Equally Wed, Dr. Kathryn Keller, Madison the "Corporate Unicorn", the award winning podcast hosts Jaimie and Robin of "If These Ovaries Could Talk", opening keynote given by Dr. Lynyetta Willis and seriously so much more!

No matter where folks are in their coming out journey, allyship, and/or everything in between, this summit will be a resource like none other for growth, learning, connection, and community.

The Pride + Joy Foundation LGBTQ+ Family and Influencer Summit is on May 22 and 23. Register here.

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