Embry Health aims to vaccinate 30,000 Arizonans in 7 days

It's official: Arizona is about to be hit with a COVID-19 vaccine blitz and the jabs are going to be happening at all the best gay bars.

Embry Health, the innovative Phoenix-based healthcare company providing accessible healthcare for all, is hosting a 7-day COVID-19 vaccine blitz statewide intending to vaccinate 30,000 people throughout Arizona. Embry Health has over 70 drive-thru locations in Arizona, including Embry Aesthetics and Embry Women’s Health, plus mobile units that provide vaccines for groups and businesses including bars, restaurants, gyms, sports complexes, events, and more, regardless of a person’s medical insurance status.

Embry Health is launching "Shots with Shots", a vaccine blitz in Arizona's gay bars

As part of the Vaccine Blitz, Embry Health is seeking bars and restaurants as partners for its “Shots with Shots” initiative. Embry will provide the mobile vaccine unit at the business, while the participating bars and restaurants will provide free alcohol shots to those 21 and older who are getting vaccinated.

Charlie’s Phoenix, Arizona’s largest 21+ gay country bar in midtown Phoenix, is one of Embry Health’s first bar partners. With more people going back to entertainment venues, it is even more important to go where groups are to be safer after having been vaccinated, protecting not only themselves but others to help lessen the spread.

"Shots with Shots" takes the pain out of getting the jab

“By holding this 7-day COVID Vaccine Blitz, we’re really trying to engage momentum in helping to make vaccines as accessible and easy to get as possible,” said Raymond Embry, CEO and co-founder, Embry Health. “If we take vaccines where the people are, it’s going to eliminate barriers to getting vaccinated. There is a huge segment that is not opposed to the vaccine, but they are not going out of their way to get vaccinated. Embry can make this more convenient, which will help people get vaccinated. Any place that wants to get people vaccinated, we’ll come out to your business at no cost to you or the person getting vaccinated.”

Raymond Embry, CEO and co-founder, Embry Health

The Vaccine Blitz is time sensitive as new COVID-19 variants spread, including the Indian variant discovered this week in Arizona. Embry Health has already given out 70,000 COVID vaccines and tested over 1 million Arizona patients.

“We scheduled the Embry Health mobile clinic to visit our building in downtown Scottsdale and had over 100 people vaccinated,” said Alexi Venneri, CEO of Digital Air Strike, the Scottsdale-based consumer engagement technology company helping Embry with marketing. “Embry has helped our company get our staff to 75% fully vaccinated this month, which is much higher than the state and national averages. Now our entire company feels safer, which means we also are more productive.”

For more information on Embry Health’s 7-Day Vaccine Blitz, either to request a visit to your business or find a mobile location site near you, visit embryhealth.com/vaccine-blitz.

About Embry Health

Embry Health operates the widest network of COVID-19 test locations in Arizona and will soon be opening testing sites in Colorado and New Mexico. Embry Health also operates mobile testing clinics to ensure there is accessible healthcare for all. Embry Health continues to provide free PCR COVID-19 testing, antibody testing, flu vaccinations, and Sofia® Rapid Testing to the public, regardless of medical insurance. More information on Embry Health, including the variety of testing services and job opportunities, is available at www.EmbryHealth.com or by calling (480) 376–2170.

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