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Do you like to travel? Do you like writing about travel? Are you a person who belongs to a minority who feels that not only does the travel industry not speak to you, but travel media and publishing do not represent your voice or your identity?

And, are you short on the cash that would help you to develop your own writing voice and bust through to make a difference?

Well, now is your chance to sharpen your pencil, fire up your laptop and apply to Write Like a Honey Badger's LGBTQIA travel Writing Scholarship!

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Write Like A Honey Badger is thrilled to announce the Amy Brecount White Scholarship for Travel Writing I is available for the spring 2022 term, beginning February 8th. It is open to all LGBTQIA+ applicants who couldn’t otherwise afford this six-week online course.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 2.

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“We’re delighted that Amy Brecount White is funding a space for an LGBTQIA+ writer, in addition to our school’s usual scholarship (open to all authors from under-represented backgrounds)," instructor and founder Amanda Castleman told OUTvoices.

"Alumni from our program have been flourishing, covering topics from the 'queer mullet’ to the trans community in Latin America. And they’ve regularly been landing stories in big outlets, including BBC Travel, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic, The New York Times, Smithsonian and Travel + Leisure. My co-teacher Jessica Poitevien and I can’t wait to see the heights the winner of this scholarship will reach!”


Details of the scholarship:

The class and what it offers:

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In 1996, a thirteen-year-old vocal talent LeAnn Rimes hit it big with her album, Blue, making her a household name, especially among country music fans. Two decades later, Rimes is still making music and inspiring her fans—2017’s Remnants was her SIXTEENTH studio album!

One of the most notable songs on Remnants is an anthem celebrating the LGBT community, “Love is Love is Love.” In an interview with Us, Rimes explained, “A Pride celebration is a living thing. It is breathing authenticity. It’s a space we hold for one another, a place to come into what our souls move us to be, it’s a place in love and only love… That’s why the LGBTQ community continues to inspire me and enliven my spirit every time I perform for them.”

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