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Not you entering your thirties! By now, you should probably have a fairly good sense of personal style, but the question is ... where do you want to take your fashion next?

Are you finally giving up on viral trends and opting to wear only what you know fits your body, style and budget? Smart man! Your thirties are the perfect time to walk away from fast fashion and fill your closet with a few great items and attractive accessories. Need some help perfecting the fashion of gay guys in their thirties? Here are some basic tips to serve as a base for all your looks. 

Invest in quality suits 

You’re a grown man now, no doubt, so you probably realized that a great suit really is a pillar of a quality wardrobe. You might have a few formal pieces by now, but you can get a little bit more serious about your personal style and add some classics to your collection—think classic gray and navy blue and some plaids and tweeds for mixing and matching. A quality suit can be matched with denim, chinos and even a simple t-shirt for informal evenings. Just make sure to visit a tailor before you go sporting your new formal pieces. 

Keep it classy in the summer

Summer is many gay men’s favorite time of the year. Being in your thirties doesn’t mean you have to dress like a grandpa, but it’s time to ditch flip-flops, cut-off shorts and tank tops. Instead, look classy and hot in some classic summer pieces like linen trousers, cotton shirts and leather sandals. Add a few accessories to your outfit, and you will dazzle everyone at the beach or at the bar with your expensive and upscale look. 

Splurge on good footwear

You’re not getting any younger, so make sure to keep your legs in great condition with quality shoes if you want to stay on your feet for many more years. Instead of feeding your obsession with quantity, opt for one or two quality pieces of footwear that will keep your foot stable and protected, yet stylish. When choosing sneakers, make sure to check out sneaker release dates and find a model that fits your lifestyle, aesthetics and budget. A classic pair of white kicks can be worn with almost anything so they are always a good choice. When buying dress shoes, opt for natural materials that will adapt to your foot and allow it to breathe and move naturally. Plus, quality models always look more elegant, which is what you want in your thirties. 

Be smart with accessories

As you get older, you get to understand the impact of jewelry and accessories on your style. The most useful and stylish accessory for men at any age is a watch, so unless you already have a quality timepiece, this is the right time to treat yourself. And don’t worry about money—there are great watches for an affordable price out there. And don’t forget to pay attention to details. Small accessories like a classy leather wallet are always important. 

Fire up your iron

Do you take good care of your skin? Probably yes. Do you take good care of your fabrics? Hopefully, the answer here is yes as well. Wrinkles on your clothes will make you look cheap and sloppy no matter if you’re dressed in Armani head to toe. Make sure to fire up your iron and always iron your clothes before wearing, especially during the day, when the sun can highlight even the smallest of wrinkles. Wearing a button-down shirt or suit pants that are full of creases will definitely be a reason for younger gays to judge your look. 

When shopping for clothes in your thirties, remember this simple formula: buy less and buy quality. Elegance and sophistication are what you should be aiming for at this stage of life, especially if you’re trying to attract like-minded guys. If you dress well, being in your thirties will fill you with confidence and make you feel comfortable in your skin. 

Image Source: Cotton bro at Pexels

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