With a dose of comedy, some serious singing and some downright dirty, ahem wickedness, members of the national touring company of Wicked helped raise nearly $15,000 for Nashville CARES and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS last night at Play Dance Bar.

The event included a live auction whereas those attending could bid on merchandise packages, a chance to hang with Nick Adams (Fiyero) backstage, a chance to witness the greening of Elphaba and the holy grail for Wicked fans- a one-night, costumed role in the production before it closes at TPAC on April 20.

The auctions combined raised more than $7,000- including two $2,000 bids for the Wicked  walk-on role- but not without a little wickedness of their own. The 'Glinda Package' which included a signed purse, a monkey mask from the set and a Wicked snow globe, fetched more than $600 but not before adding a kiss from both Glinda (Gina Beck) and Elphaba (Alison Luff). And both obliged, although we're pretty sure Elphaba went from green to red in her Nashville role at Play Dance Bar. 

The girls didn't get all the action last night. Male cast members got into the wicked spirit removing shirts, or having their shirts removed, by well-bidding audience members. And of course, O&AN feature story Nick Adams (Fiyero) joined the action.



The night was filled with live musical performances from members of the touring cast of Wicked. Ranging from original material to a cover of Lisa Loeb's (who is coming to Nashville Pride) hit song "Stay," the highlight performance of the evening was a princess-sized cover of the smash hit "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen, performed by Shayla Beck (see video below).


 The cast also performed a smoldering dance set that raised audience pulses well above that of a bubbling cauldron. 


Wicked is currently playing at TPAC through April 20. Tickets cam be purchased here but if you're feeling lucky then head down before any performance for Wicked's $25 lottery.

For photos from the event, visit the slideshow at the top of this page or visit the full slideshow here.

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