The owners of Blue Gene's have announced their plan to open a new bar — Peckers — in light of the closure of both Blue Gene's and Vibe. Michael Brown and Will Pulley have not set a grand opening date, as of yet.

"We are happy to announce our new venue called, 'Pecker's Bar and Grill,'" they said in a statement, "born out of the intent to unite the liberal community by providing a venue for like-mined people to enjoy themselves. Offering great food, fabulous libations, karaoke and live entertainment. Our motto: More fun than a rooster in a hen house!"

Brown was clear to point out at the announcement of the Church Street bar's closing that all was not lost. Back in August, he told O&AN that the owner of the property had refused to renew the lease at Blue Gene's. The bar owners were quick to find unoccupied the property at 237 Hermitage Avenue. It's "just 5 minutes from downtown Riverfront Park," he said. "Easily accessible from all interstates. The building has been completely gutted, architectural plans have been completed and we are now waiting on the Codes department to grant us permits."

"Our plans are to complete the remodeling in two stages," the statement reads. "The first stage will be building out the restrooms, kitchen, bar, office, storage/supply rooms, booth and seating areas and stage. Our second phase will consist of a covered outside pavilion which will be available for individuals or groups to rent out for private parties."

The kitchen, to be called "Mrs. B's Cafe," will be up and running when the bar opens, and the owners plan to avail it to small groups for catering as well.

The full release is available on the new Peckers website, where you'll also find artist renderings of the proposed interior, photos from the interior demolition, and a peek at the new outdoor smoking area.

At the same time the two are announcing sales of fixtures to the Blue Gene's location.


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