Bearapalooza comes back to Nashville with its biggest show ever

Freddy Freeman's musical celebration of the Bear community started in 2002 at a little club in New York City's West Village and has since become a part of the queer cultural landscape. After celebrating it's its third year in New York City and spreading to cities like Philadelphia and Nashville, Bearapalooza headed west and rocked Seattle. Now Bearapalooza returns to Nashville for the Music City Bears' "Ye Olde Bear Faire" 13 Bear identified performers will descend upon Music City USA to deliver two shows in the biggest, baddest burliest Bearapalooza ever seen!!

Bearapalooza Revue
Friday, July 22nd
The Chute Complex
2535 Franklin Road - Nashville
7:00 p.m. to 10:000 p.m.
Tickets are $3 at the door
(included for Bear Jam Attendees)

Our first show will be in the fabulous Rainbow Room of the famous Chute Complex,
Nashville's gay entertainment complex featuring many of the performers iIn Songwriters Rounds and the "Fuzzy Follies" with Yolanda, Bobaloo & Kendall


Bearapalooza Blowout
Saturday July 23rd
339 Wilhagen Road - Nashville
Noon to 5:00 p.m.
Tickets are $10 at the door
(show and food included for Bear Jam Attendees)

Join the party out back!! An All-day outdoor festival with food for sale, vendors,
games, beach volleyball, outdoor bar 12 Bear Bands!! Hosted by Bearlicious comedian Bobaloo


Freddy says" Bearapalooza has something to offer everyone whether you are a bear or not, because we celebrate diversity, positive body image, and positive attitudes about gender. Plus the music is top notch quality work by amazing artists crossing all genre lines" The Seattle show promises to be a night of musical divergence with acts spanning the spectrum from Blues and Folk to Rock and Pop and even Nashville Country. The lineup will feature:

Matthew Temple
Kerry Land
Andy Northrup
Max Christopher
Tommy Johns
Michael West
Ron Morris
Jeffrey Altergott
Dave Montana
Freddy & the Free Men

Bearapalooza Nashville also celebrates the release of Bear Tracks III and Re-Kindled, released by Woobie Bear music; BT3 is the third in a series of compilation CD's featuring music by artists who identify as part of the Bear community. Many of the artists performing at the event are featured on Bear Tracks III Re-Kindled is the new career spanning retrospective from Bearapalooza performer Kendall. Get your signed copies at the shows. Woobie Bear Music will be on hand doing CD sales and giveaways to celebrate the release of the new CD's!

Bearapalooza Nashville is a part of "Ye Olde Bear Faire". If you love Bears and want to come to the shows, why not make a long weekend out of it and book your Ye Old Bear Faire Weekend Package"? The Music City Bears of Nashville are throwing a weekend long Bear Faire with a Renaissance theme, filled with Merry Men, Royal Daddies other critters of the Kingdom. In addition to the two Bearapalooza shows, Bear Faire attendees will enjoy a Bear Bust at the Chute after Fridays show with
medieval fun and games, The Kings Feast Banquet after the show on Saturday, Bears on Broadway Country Tour, and more. Book your package and find about discounted rooms at Holiday Inn on Broadway by going to

BEARAPALOOZA is a one of a kind concert, bringing together musicians who identify with the growing movement of people known as the Bear community. The Bear community is defined in different ways by different participants, but underlying all the definitions is an effort to redefine ideas of masculine beauty, especially (but not exclusively) for gay males. For many years the stereotypical image of male beauty has been thin, young, and hairless. This may be some people's preference, but much of the gay male landscape is dominated by this image. The Bear community embraces a different ideal of male beauty: Stocky to large, hairy, usually with facial hair, young or mature. In essence, Bear embraces men as they are, in many forms shapes and sizes, as they tend to naturally be. Even more
importantly, Bear typifies an attitude of friendliness, brotherhood, and a comfort with our bodies and our sexuality. "It's about time we showcased the talent that
exists in this community, one that's given me new-found self respect, a sense of brotherhood, and lots of hot furry guys" - Organizer Freddy Freeman.

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