James Tudor is going back to basics with the launch of their new boot camp inspiredathletic gear. The sophisticated tailored briefs, tanks and sweats aredesigned specifically for athletic frames –combining comfort with styleto help men endure those arduous military style workouts.  Fitness trainer Jeff Peel is the face of the new collection and he says all men can attain the physique of a Navy Seal without expensive equipment. All that’s required is hard work, sweat and the desire to want it.
Did our elementary gym teachers have it right instructing simple fitness techniques like tug-of-war and climbing rope?
Jeff Peel: They sure did.  Those simple exercises work some of our most difficult muscle groups effectively and in a fun way. 
How do you feel about the tread masters, elliptical machines, and rowers that people spend thousands of dollars on?
I don’t completely neglect the new gizmos and gadgets but I am a firm believer that our body is our best tool.  At my gym you’ll see me swinging kettle bells, working on the TRX, doing dips, pull-ups and tons of push-ups.
How long should the average man run each week?
If you want a marathon-runners body - thin, slender and toned - you’ll want to spend your time on endurance and distance training.  If you want a ripped body like an Olympic sprinter or NFL running back then ditch the treadmill and start running as fast as you can outside.
What should men pay attention to in order to prevent injury?
The best way to prevent injury is to make sure you have the right shoes.  Just because they have tremendous support doesn’t mean you should be running long distances in them.   Your shoe should reflect the style of running you do, whether it’s sprint, distance, treadmill or pavement.
How many push-ups should we do each day?  
As many as you can!  Give yourself a different number each day.  You can start with 100 (10 sets of 10) and gradually increase over time.  Or if you’re looking to have fun and take it to another level, roll three dice.  Each die represents a digit; complete them before the days end.
Can you explain the perfect pushup? 
The perfect push up creates a straight back, arms are shoulder-width apart and the tempo is 1 second up, 1 second down.
How important is stretching before your workout?
Stretching before you workout can actually be harmful!  Dynamic movements will allow the muscle to perform better than static stretching.  Think of your muscles as an elastic band.  If you hold the band in a fully stretched position for a period of time you will lose the snap quality that helps build muscle and increase strength.  The perfect time to stretch is right after a hot shower or after your workout.
How important is diet?  
If you put cheap gas in a Ferrari you will cause the engine to work less effectively and you’ll never get the full potential out of it.  If your diet is bad then your results will be too.  
Besides helping you look good, what does fitness do for you?
Fitness is an incredible outlet.  It allows me to clear my mind of all the worries of work and life and lets me focus on myselffor a couple hours.  Working in the fitness industry makes it all the more important to be in the best shape possible.  I am my own marketing.
In your case, you’re also marketing James Tudor Athletic Wear. Do you have a favorite in the line?
I have absolutely fallen in love with the sweat pants and hoodies.  That’s my style, I don’t like wearing jeans or getting too dressy.  I’m a sweat pants and tank-top kind of guy. 
Most sweat combos shouldn’t leave the house.
What’s awesome about James Tudor is it’s comfortable enough to work out in, yet still looks damn good. They’re perfect for showing off all your hard work.
The full James Tudor Athletic Wear Collection is available now at LaJock.com.

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