August Horoscopes

Aries. 3-21 to 4-19
You’re a sign that can grasp ideas very quickly. You can digest any subject and are always very open and frank with your opinions and advice. If only people were ready to hear the truth. Well, ready or not the month of August is a time to tell it like it is. But, before you rip out their heart put your arm around them. This will help them better understand just how honest you are. The thank you will come in a few weeks. You will be receiving long awaited praise and rewards at work. If not, then maybe it’s time to assert the self and ask why. It might be wise to even start thinking about your own business ventures.

It’s a great month to get out and socialize, so accept all invitations. Parties don’t get moving till you show up. That’s why everybody loves you. And because your off the leash and looking oh so good, there will be at least 3 or 4 people that want to digest that mind and body. Let me make it easier for you to choose. Who has the whip cream and handcuffs?

Taurus. 4-20 to 5-20
You’re very subtle, reserve and have a great deal of self-control. The month of August is a test of your endurance. And we all know how much you love tests. It’s like being out in some alien landscape with a flat tire and no spare. I believe we call this karma. There will be many unwanted responsibilities and obligations. Try and face this moment with refinement and grace. You’re still alive and healthy. It’s the mundane world again filled with those psychic vampires that are trying to suck the Light out of you. Don’t give in and don’t go back. While it may appear that your in a rut, you can get out of this mode by saying no to things that are stagnating you. Time to say yes to what you want, need and desire. That’s the antidote. Be a little egotistical for once.

Your endurance will be tested in a more intimate way. Little do they no that you’ve got a lot of power in that battery of yours that just keeps going and going. They may have to take a vitamin or share you with a friend. This is not a moment of ecstasy; it’s the whole night.

Gemini. 5-21 to 6-21
You’re a sign that is flexible and very adaptable. Some would see you as a person of contradiction, because you change your mind so often. August is a month of flux. One opportunity after another in all phases of life. Because you become bored very quickly, focus on bringing something to a conclusion. People at work applaud you for a job well done, but that’s it. No pay raise or plaque for the wall. While your bored with this nonsense it’s premature to think about change. Instead, take some classes that stimulate the mind.

Venus and Mars the planets of love and passion are in harmony with you this month. Get the beauty part done first. Hair, nails, clothes, and of course shoes. Pick up the phone and get your posse together. Time for loud music and a dance floor. Make it the Lipstick Lounge. Watch the amount of alcohol, you’re going to want to remember every moment of this night. It’s not that often you get to walk down the yellow brick road to the land of Oz.

Cancer. 6-22 to 7-22
There is nothing superficial about your sign. One has to be somewhat patience with you because you are shy and reserve in the beginning, but you’re the real thing. The month of August continues to bring joy and happiness into the life. Work is going to be very demanding so put together some weekend parties. Don’t skimp on the liquor. Most of your friends love to drink so everyone can be himself or herself. It’s also a month to start thinking seriously about your future. You’ve got the job and house but relationships and marriage begin to be seductive goals. The last few years you’ve been heading to the exit when the relationship needed a commitment.

Now, I thought that relationships were all about compromise. That’s no big deal. Get rid of that attitude that is holding you in the past and get excited about a new future. Another person is ready to prove how worthy they are of your love. Get out of that shell. Maybe you both need to go to a nudist camp and just let it all hang out.

Leo. 7-23 to 8-23
We all know your Leo the lion. You probably have it tattooed on your body. You are the ringleader of just plain fun. Who can say no to your dynamic personality? August brings the heat of the Sun. So, put down the remote and gather your friends and head to the pool or better yet the beach. Your beauty and charm always attracts a crowd. Give out your number. Later, you can take that bronze body downtown to a few of the local nightspots. You need to have a designated driver because you don’t do anything halfway. Work should be getting better. People really appreciate you. Beauty, charm, great smile and you make everyone feel comfortable. You need to polish up your image just a little bit. Go to a seminar or get in to higher education. You’re ready for it.

You’re getting closer to a real relationship. You need to keep circulating for now. You need a mature person, not an old one but a person that can bring you the spoils that you deserve. Once you’re committed you don’t stray for even a moment. But till we get to that moment you are very sensuous and people are salivating so give them a taste of the elixir of life.

Virgo. 8-24 to 9-22
You’re a very practical down to earth person. Somewhat introverted and shy you seldom expose yourself mentally or physically to others. Well, the month of August is the time to get out of that closet. Go buy a new swimsuit and show off some of those assets of yours. Be less discriminating and allow people to come in to your life and say hello. That conversation could warm up very quickly. This is also a month in which you lose interest in work. Then you begin analyzing if the path that you are on is viable anymore. Part of the root cause is the old checks and balances, money. A part time job is needed for a while. Not a lifetime just a while. That way we won’t always be hanging by a thread.

Now back to relationships. Every weekend you need to get out and bring back some war stories. Friends become jealous and even envious especially women. Take a break from those that aren’t happy for you. Start wearing some loose fitting clothing, for those moments that you can’t make it back to the bedroom.

Libra. 9-23 to 10-23
Your sign loves to socialize, and with your charm and wit there’s never a problem finding someone to go out with you. Let’s begin with the sector of work for August. You’ve been waiting years for this moment. Fame and hopefully fortune. But in case you forgot this is going to take away many of the pleasures you enjoy on a daily level. Hope it doesn’t become all work and no play. Many genuine opportunities for success so if you have to break a date, just do it. The money you’re going to make is going to buy a lot of flowers.

You also need to sit down and plan out the next 6 months and see what you would like to develop. Objective time for you to do this. You’ve got several friends that want more than just to hold your hand. Work and sex. You better drink a lot of coffee and keep everything to yourself.

Scorpio. 10-24 to 11-22
You are a sign that has courage to the point of being invincible. You possess a tremendous amount of curiosity and sooner or later you know a person inside and out. The month of August gives you a chance to explore the minds of other people. It may start out with a new phone or computer but carries over to one on one conversation. Other people love to talk to you but they don’t see how you get them to reveal everything about themselves. It’s all about them and that’s how they like it as well as you. Transactions, contracts and negotiations become much easier for you to put together because you’ve become so personal with others. It’s also a good time for the buying or selling of anything.

Because you’re all about sex, I mean you do allow it to dominate your life, look for more than one intimate encounter. While sex is good, people want to talk to you afterwards. Now, they want to know about who you are. They want to deal with the essence of your being. Better have an excuse to bail out early. You’re also a sign of excess, food, drink, men or women. When are you going to turn the page here?

Sagittarius. 11-23 to 12-21
You are the comedy channel of the zodiac. You’re optimistic, brilliant and very independent. Your love of the truth comes out in August. Because you’re outspoken and frank with others, they may see you as being course with the vocabulary. Don’t worry about it, they don’t want to lose your friendship, you’ll have them laughing about it in a few hours. You need to pay attention to rules this month. Stop, yield, and the speed limit. Check the oil and antifreeze in the car. Be defensive. With so many things going on this month you could become just a little absentminded. Time to get that daily planner out.

The social life picks up. After all people love talking to you. They are not use to intelligent conversations, nor are they exposed to this kind of wit. Why don’t you extend the evening and invite he or she over for a cocktail. Then it’s time to stop talking and let them whisper untruths into your ear and entertain that body of yours. And since you love desert get out the chocolate syrup.

Capricorn. 12-22 to 1-20
You are the sign of wisdom. I mean nothing comes easy for you. You learn things the hard way but you never make the same mistake twice. You’re not the social butterfly but the month of August will prove otherwise. A chance to be around new and exciting people that respect who and what you are. Try to be a little less serious and conservative. People want to know you, so take off that bulletproof vest and relax. More than the average amount of good news that helps expedite life in areas beside work. Short trips 50 to 200 miles, somehow solve differences you’ve had with people that live there. See people from the past.

In the love life you need to break a few of your own rules. Holding hands is nice but you’ve been alone too long. Don’t worry about what people are going to think of you. Your body needs to be fed with more than just food, so let someone indulge in you. You’re going to feel so good about yourself the next day.

Aquarius. 1-21 to 2-18
You are the sign of progress. The part of society that will lead us into the revolution. Anyone running for Mayor that is an Aquarius? That’s the person that will lead us into the future with new and bold ideas. August is a new beginning, a new life, and new ideologies. Time to make the major move or job change. I don’t think your going to be living with just the dog or cat anymore. Get involved with donating your time to worthy causes. Even politics would be a good outlet. The job looks good. It’s just the people you work with that are somewhat taxing at times.

Stop by the liquor store, a glass of wine or maybe two will help you relax. You need some spice in your nightlife. Get to Victoria’s Secret, this will help the cause. Then you need to get to a hotel and watch the xxx channel. How about 24 hours of breakfast in bed.

Pisces. 2-19 to 3-20
Your sign is filled with understanding. It has taken many lifetimes to arrive at this moment. You are the Pistos Sophia. You give completely of yourself, anytime, anywhere, and anyplace, people can count upon you to answer the phone and listen for hours on end. August is the time to travel to the sea, not the lake, the ocean. Here is a place where your creative juices flow. A place where you can restore yourself. If you don’t travel people are really going to take advantage of you so even more of a reason to escape to the astral world.

This month you need to be somewhat objective with others. Make-up is a disguise. Say no a little bit more often this month to the lipstick of emotional seduction. You’re not going to hurt anyone’s feelings here. Trust me they will call you tomorrow to see if you’ve changed your mind. You’re into art and painting. Let’s get someone to paint your body. Time to get abstract and not worry what does it all mean.

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