How To Be Single is a rom-com perfect for Valentine’s Galentine’s Day. The movie, starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, is a dialogue of dating that defines the Millennial generation better than any I’ve seen that have tried before.

It appears that director Christian Ditter is new, considering this is the first big movie in his portfolio. However, the obvious big name behind the scenes person is the fascinating Drew Barrymore, someone who is incredibly experienced in the genre. This movie is one I have a hard time calling a romantic comedy, considering that the point of the story is not about any of her ‘Eros’ relationships, but more importantly in this film, her ‘Philos’ relationships she has with her sister, best friend, and bartender.

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Newly graduated, Alice (Dakota Johnson) decides to break up with her adorable boyfriend (Nicholas Braun) and set off to live in New York while she tries to figure out whether or not she can live without him and so she can figure out who she is. She gets a job where she meets the crazy, yet loveable Robin (Rebel Wilson). While she’s staying with her workaholic sister (Leslie Mann), Robin convinces her she needs to start living a little. While she’s sowing her wild oats, she meets several new gentlemen, notably the bartender (Anders Holm) who has slept with every girl in Manhattan (or has at least tried very hard to), and the tall, dark, and handsome wealthy real estate mogul, David (Damon Wayans, Jr.) who both teach her a thing or two about herself.

When teenagers are growing into adult-hood, they call it a coming of age film. I truly believe that this is more that than a romantic comedy. She’s not a teenager, but she is still learning about herself. She’s discovering who she is and whether or not she can stand on her own two feet. The world in which my generation is beginning to inherit is one that was made for couples. Everything is made for two. Queen size beds, loaves of bread, anything at Costco… The world is driven to be made for two people with a family.

The Religious Right got it wrong when they said that gay marriage would be the end of marriage itself. Marriage as we know it is over, but it has nothing to do with the gay community. It’s the 20- and 30-somethings who saw the failures of their parents’ marriage and chose not to repeat those mistakes. People in this demographic are waiting longer to get married, longer to have kids, and waiting until they know who they are before they want to learn who someone else is. In the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love anybody else?” The new generation is taking that advice to heart.

This movie captures the heart of that feeling and portrays it in such an honest, open way. Truly, the movie is one of the most heartfelt, touching stories told in so long. Yes, it’s Rebel Wilson, so the comedic relief is on point and very present, but not only that. It discusses the relationships we have with each other so well. When we get into new relationships and fall into the person and pay no attention to those around us. Or we get so caught up in trying to find a partner that we become obsessive and crazy and totally undesirable. Or we give up on the whole bit and try to sleep with as many people as we can without trying to ever become attached any deeper. Maybe we get swept up in our work and desire a child but not a husband and blind ourselves when the right guy actually does come along. Maybe we just want to party like our lives depend on it and deal with the consequences later. All these truths and more are represented in this film. The honesty is so palpable, you can look and listen to the audience connecting to the story in real time.

The shots of New York are wonderful by the way, making a city that is over-crowded and often referred to as unpleasant seem welcoming and cheerful. That’s a lot of work, I’m sure, so good work to the crew for that. The huge mural of a young girl on the side of a building was pleasant and grounding, letting you know that they know how to maintain continuity, but will break it in a second with a line from the Rebel Wilson playbook. The director, for it being his first big film, must either be very under rated or very well assisted. Whichever, bravo. It gave me good memories of spending time there with a friend about this time last year, as I’m sure it will anyone who has ever been. Great scenery of a city that has been used as a backdrop for so many films, and yet it somehow feels fresh.

After seeing this film, you’ll be thankful for your friends and family, but also for yourself. It was very uplifting in that sense, because while boys are lovely, it’s so important to have that support system that will always be there for you, and to have the trust in yourself that can get you through.

The storyline was so incredibly relatable, I found myself comparing myself and friends in the characters that I saw. So much so that after I got home, I called one of my best friends because it made me so happy that she’s in my life. We’ll be going to see it very soon I hope.

There are several great films to go see this Valentine’s Day. Sure. But, if you’re unattached, go see this. Even if you are attached, go out and leave the husband at home and see this with your best friends. It will bring you closer together. It will make you happy.

The movie may not be groundbreaking or Oscar worthy, but it is a great film to sneak some wine into and watch with the squad. For the love of God. GO.

Why are you still sitting there? Call your girls and your gays and fire up your streaming service.

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