In the run-up to the August 6 election in Nashville, O&AN endorsed 30 candidates including those for Mayor, Vice-Mayor and the five At-Large seats. Of those 30 endorsements, 25 candidates either won their seat or will move on to the runoff election September 10.

O&AN chose not to endorse a candidate in districts 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, and 32.

Notably, we endorsed mayoral candidate Megan Barry who received the highest number of votes in a seven-person race with 24,449 votes. As well, we endorsed David Briley for Vice-Mayor who received 53% of the vote with 47,236.

In the At-Large race, all but one of our five endorsements have moved on to the September 10 runoff. Those include overall top ten vote-getters Erica Gilmore, Lonnell Matthews, Jason Holleman, and Erin Coleman. Rounding out our five endorsements was John Lasiter, who did not place within the top ten and will not move on to the runoff.


O&AN Endorsements

Mayor: Megan Barry – ADVANCES TO RUNOFF

Vice-Mayor: David Briley – ELECTED





John Lasiter

Lonnell Matthews – ADVANCES TO RUNOFF




District 1: Jonathan Richardson

District 2: no endorsement

District 3: no endorsement

District 4: no endorsement

District 5: Scott Davis – RUNOFF WITH SARAH MARTIN

District 6: Brett Withers – ELECTED

District 7: Anthony Davis – ELECTED

District 8: Nancy VanReece – RUNOFF WITH CHRIS SWANN

District 9: no endorsement

District 10: no endorsement

District 11: Larry Hagar – ELECTED

District 12: no endorsement

District 13: Marilyn Robinson

District 14: Kevin Rhoten – ELECTED

District 15: Jeff Syracuse – ELECTED

District 16: Mike Freeman – ELECTED

District 17: Paula Foster – RUNOFF WITH COLBY SLEDGE

District 18: Burkley Allen – ELECTED

District 19: Freddie O’Connell – ELECTED

District 20: no endorsement

District 21: no endorsement

District 22: no endorsement

District 23: Mina Johnson – RUNOFF WITH JIM ROBERTS

District 24: Kathleen Murphy – ELECTED

District 25: no endorsement

District 26: Jeremy Elrod – ELECTED

District 27: no endorsement

District 28: Melissa Smithson

District 29: Karen Johnson – ELECTED

District 30: Jason Potts – ELECTED

District 31: Fabian Bedne – ELECTED

District 32: no endorsement

District 33: Sam Coleman – ELECTED

District 34: Steve Butler

District 35: Dave Rosenberg – ELECTED



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