1. Hot and Cold: Cold weather can be harsh on your hair, and if you blow dry, flat iron and/or curl your hair without protection you are just asking for trouble. Try to always use a heat protection spray before using any hot tools.

You can spray it all over or each strand. The chi iron guard does wonders

2. 3 Days: It's OK to not shampoo your hair everyday. I like to make mine last about three days. Maybe down the first day, curled the second (of course using that heat protection) and then pulled back the third.

3. Spritz: Try using a leave in conditioner when you get out of the shower if you feel your hair isn't smooth enough for you. It's a 10 does wonders for damaged hair

4. Are You Kidding Me?: Everyone has those days where they over sleep or are running late. Well there are a couple of products that will help your hair look fresh without having to re-wash it.

Dry shampoo! Just spray some at the root and comb though to remove extra oils and grease.

5. Ooooooo Shiny: Everyone loves shiny hair, right? If you feel your hair looks dull but don't have time to see your stylist, go out and purchase a shine spray or serum.

My favorite is by Matrix. It's their biolage shine serum. Just one pump is all you need to bring some life back.

6. So Many Options!!!: When it comes to shampoo and conditioner it can be a pain to choose which one. Always ask this question first what do you want them to do?

Do you want them to help your curls or straighten them out? What about do you want your color last longer? Well there are lines that are color safe so always look for that when wanting your color to last. Joico is the line of choice for me because it has the perfect ph balance for your hair

7. Snip Snip: By getting just a slight trim every six to eight weeks, you will help your hair continue to grow in a healthy manner. If you let the split ends stay, they will win the battle.

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