That's A Wrap

By Hans Pedersen, January 2016 Issue.

You’ve seen Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in the tearjerker Freeheld. You cackled at Lily Tomlin’s awesome performance in Grandma. And hopefully you were wowed by the irascible, wisecracking trans stars in Sean Baker’s Tangerine.

These were just a few of the powerful dramas and comedies featuring LGBTQ themes Echo covered this past year.

A groundbreaking, award-winning movie can bypass local theaters in markets like Phoenix, only to fall off the radar while awaiting release months, or even sometimes a year, after first turning heads.

Some received a proper red carpet arrival when they premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, but there are others we wanted to shed light on by giving them their due with a little fanfare.

Before the 2015 credits roll, here are five titles that recently popped up on Netflix or other platforms that you may have missed earlier this year.

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Photo courtesy of The Dinah

The Dinah

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Photo courtesy of Michael Feinstein.

Michael Feinstein

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Gilles Toucas

Michael Feinstein will commemorate Judy Garland’s life on March 20 at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

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