You’re so vain . . . we bet you think this category is about you. Stereotypically, we know who will turn the head at this year’s holiday party, but aren’t there days when you just want to throw on a ball cap and go. Sure, there are. But even on those days we know you’re Looking Good and Feeling Good. Dive into this year’s winners below. 

Place to Buy New Clothes: Green Hills Mall

One stop shopping seems to be the priority for O&AN readers when they’re looking for clothes, so it’s no wonder that Green Hills Mall swept the 2013 Gay Faves Place to Buy New Clothes. Anchored by Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Macy’s, there are plenty of options when looking for that perfect outfit.

Place to Buy Used Clothes: Goodwill

Whether you’re looking for your red dress for the Grizzlies’ Red Dress Rampage or looking for something vintage for your Friday night, Goodwill topped the list for places to buy used clothes. Was that before or after the NBC news report about the loophole in the law that allows Goodwill to pay its disabled workers sub-minimum wages?

Stylist: Adam Barnes (Elan)

To Adam Barnes, hair is your best accessory and it only takes one time sitting in his chair at Elan’s Germantown location to know that hair is more than a business to Barnes. Check out our spotlight on Barnes here.

 Salon: Elan

Opening their Green Hills Hair location in 1999 followed by Elan Skin in Green Hills in 2004 and then a Germantown location expansion in 2008, Elan is not only named 2013 Gay Faves Salon from O&AN readers but also took top honors in this year’s Nashville Scene.

Elan is gearing up for another big step in December as they prepare to expand their Green Hills Skin with Elan Restore. “The whole goal of the expansion is to introduce newer services we haven’t ever dabbled in before,” says Adam Hayes, who oversees brand development at Elan. “These are more medical, more solution focused services for people do not know their option or do not have options right now.” Services are to include:  Coolsculpting, Neograft: Hair Growth Therapy and cutting edge tattoo removal.

Tattoo: Brandon Hannah at Lone Wolf Tattoo

Some people ink, others don’t. But for those who do, the reasons are varied. We wanted to know who readers trusted to get their tattoos and while there were several parlors/artists in the nomination period, Brandon Hanna (pictured being tattooed himself) at East Nashville’s Lone Wolf Tattoo takes 2013 Gay Faves Tattoo Artists. So check Brandon out at their East Nashville location . . . and hey if you decide you want to remove your tattoo, our 2013 Gay Faves Salon winner, Elan, will begin its removal services sometime this month.

Pet Services: Nashville Humane Association

Whether you see their O&AN  Pet of the Week ads or catch their adorable canine and feline faces on television or at various events across Metro Nashville, Nashville Humane Association works hard at placing pets in the perfect home. But that’s not all. Need a holiday pet photo? This month, drop by Nashville Pet Products Center (2621 Cruzen St) on December 7 for part of the NHA annual Holiday Pet Photo Shoot. Packages begin at only $40 and proceeds benefit a wonderful organization—your 2013 Gay Faves for Pet Services, Nashville Humane Association.

Gym: YMCA Downtown

More times than not when we drive by the parking deck is full, so it’s not a surprise that the Downtown YMCA would take honors at 2013 Gay Faves Gym. We expect as the holidays roll on and resolutions begin to be made (and broken) the Downtown YMCA will continue to reign.


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